Sth Narrabeen Lifesavers Recognised in Canberra

Lifesavers from South Narrabeen SLSC have been presented with the National Rescue of the Month award by the Parliamentary Friends of Surf Life Saving group in Canberra.

Quick thinking and outstanding first aid treatment under pressure saved the life of a severely allergic woman, stung by a blue bottle in February.

Patrolling members Peter Madden (Patrol Captain), Angie Thorpe, Jacinta Paquay, Chris Gale and Sean Coutts were presented with their award at the Parliamentary Friends of Surf Life Saving quarterly event at Parliament House in Canberra, in front of a packed house of Senators and MPs.

The remarkable rescue took place when the lifesavers were approached by a member of the public with a suspected blue bottle sting to her left leg.

After indicating a known allergy to blue bottles, the patient was relocated to the first aid room for further assessment, monitoring and oxygen therapy.

Within minutes, her condition began to deteriorate as she lost colour and complained of feeling unwell. The patient was not carrying an Epipen, needed to counter the effects of the allergic reaction.

As Sydney Northern Beaches Duty Officer Rohan Fisher arrived to assist, Lifesaver Chris Gale immediately left the scene to retrieve his son’s EpiPen from his home nearby.

The patient’s condition worsened rapidly. Her throat began to swell causing her to stop breathing and she lost consciousness.

The lifesavers began to administer CPR and a defibrillator was applied. Warringah Council Lifeguard Brad Young joined to assist.

Chris arrived back with the EpiPen which was administered and within seven seconds, the patient regained consciousness and began breathing without assistance. Oxygen therapy was continued and the patient was transported to hospital in a conscious and stable condition, 49 minutes after the first assessment.

Through the efforts of the South Narrabeen lifesavers, a tragedy was averted.

Caption: Matt Thistlethwaite MP, Peter Madden, Rohan Fisher, Sarah Henderson MP

Fri 16 May 2014