Successful Summer For Munmorah and Magenta Lifeguards

Lifeguards from the Australian Lifeguard Service (ALS) have lowered the flags on another successful patrolling Magenta Shore Beach and Frazer Park Beach within the Lake Munmorah Conservation Area.

A key priority for Lifeguards in 2015/16 was the ongoing emphasis on preventative actions which was reinforced to team members during their pre-season training. The purpose of this training was to ensure that Lifeguards were aware of the need to constantly monitor their surroundings so that that they could intervene in situations before they escalated to the point that a rescue was required.

As a result Lifeguards carried out 1,268 preventative actions at Frazer Park Beach and 668 at Magenta Shores while also being called upon to perform 19 and 3 rescues respectively.

Some common incidents that necessitated preventative actions included reminding swimmers to swimmers to swim in the flagged area, being aware of tidal changes and the presence of rip currents.

Inclement weather meant a slight reduction in attendance figures this season – around 17,000 people visited Frazer Park Beach while Magenta Shores recorded just over 3000 visitations. ALS NSW Manager Brent Manieri was delighted by the efforts of Lifeguards throughout the summer particularly due to specific challenges of patrolling this stretch of coastline.

“Like every season there were a number of challenges thrown up for our Lifeguards but they all rose to the occasion and ensured that that visitors both Frazer Park Beach and Magenta Shores were looked after with the professionalism that the public has come to expect from the ALS.”

“This stretch of coastline is notorious for rock fishing incidents, and our Lifeguards were involved in responding to a number of incidents this season. They also communicated to the public the challenges of fishing in this area when dealing with the high numbers of visitors throughout the summer. Education about Beach Safety is something we take seriously,” he concluded.

Beachgoers throughout the winter months are advised to visit for a list of patrolled locations, access to weather updates, and handy tips to help you plan your visit to the coast. It is also available to download as an app.

Frazer Park Beach 2015/2016 Statistics:

  • Rescues - 19
  • Preventative Actions - 1,268
  • First Aid - 107
  • Attendance - 17,058

Magenta Shores 2015/16 Statistics:

  • Rescues - 3
  • Preventative Actions - 668
  • First Aid - 23
  • Attendance - 3,058

Wed 8 Jun 2016