Surf Lifesaver Proud to Become a Citizen

Coming from Scotland, Caroline Smith’s former lifestyle seems a world away from the sun and surf she now enjoys living in Sydney. The Clovelly Surf Lifesaver was especially proud to be selected to take part in a special Australian Citizenship ceremony for Emergency Services volunteers on Australia Day.

Caroline and her husband Tommy made the journey to Australia in 2007 for a five month holiday and were instantly hooked. In 2009 they returned having landed work and only a few hours into their new lives, they strolled past Clovelly Surf Life Saving Club which was having an Open Day.

“I had always swum back in Scotland for fitness and admired the Australian Surf Life Saving movement from afar. When we came here on holidays I watched the lifesavers on the beach but thought I would never be fit enough to do that, I was too old,” said Caroline.

“The people at Clovelly SLSC were great and gave myself and my husband a tour and I signed up to do my Bronze Medallion there and then,” she added.

Since completing her Bronze Medallion in March 2009, Caroline has gone on to achieve a number of Surf Life Saving awards including the Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate, Silver Medallion Basic Beach Management, Spinal Management, Silver Medallion Advanced Emergency Care and Radio Operator’s Certificate, resulting in her becoming the Patrol Captain of Clovelly’s Patrol 10.

Caroline is not only involved in the education side of the movement but has also gone on to compete and win medals at State and National level.

“Surf Life Saving is very special to me and I am so happy and proud to be involved,” she said.

“Joining has not only introduced me to a wonderful group of people and allowed me to be welcomed into the community, but also learn important beach safety skills. When I first arrived and swam in the ocean in Australia, I could feel the difference in the power of the waves and the rips compared to anywhere in Europe. I think it is important for anyone coming here to get involved and learn these things, plus it keeps you incredibly fit and has a great social aspect,” said Caroline.

Caroline was honoured to be awarded her Citizenship Certificate by the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Scott Morrison.

“I would just really like to thank everyone at Clovelly SLSC for being so welcoming and allowing me to achieve so much,” said Caroline.

Thu 6 Feb 2014