SurfCom Picks Up Team of the Year

A number of NSW lifesavers have been recognised at the Centre for Volunteering 2014 Volunteer of the Year Awards, with the Sydney Metro SurfCom Team picking up Team of the Year for the Sydney North region.

The Team of the Year is awarded to a number of volunteers who have worked together on a particular project or program for not-for-profits.

The 2013-14 Sydney Metro SurfCom team, consisted of 55 volunteer SurfCom operators, who provided coverage to all of NSW's 150 patrolled beaches and 1990 kilometres of coastline, with operators volunteering a staggering 3501.50 hours during the patrol season.

The role of the team is to provide communication support and coordination to lifesaving assets to assist them to carry out search and rescue duties in NSW. This enables the people on the ground to concentrate on the immediate emergency with the knowledge that the Sydney Metro SurfCom Team is working to get further supports to the scene. The SurfCom operators also strengthen the work of Lifesavers and Lifeguards by gathering information on swell forecasts and its likely effect on the beaches across the State.

The Sydney Metro SurfCom team will now progress to the State Volunteer of the Year Awards where they will represent the Sydney North region.

Congratulations to our other lifesavers including Andy Cross of South Narrabeen SLSC, Adam Kent of Long Reef SLSC and David Murray of North Curl Curl SLSC who were all acknowledged as finalists in the 2014 Adult Volunteer of the Year category for the Sydney North Region.

Tue 14 Oct 2014