Surfers Rescue 24/7 Course A Big Success

Surf Life Saving NSW and Surfing NSW have briefed NSW ministers on the success of the innovative new Surfers Rescue 24/7 (SR24/7) course.

Police & Emergency Services Minister, Mike Gallacher and NSW Treasurer, Michael Baird, commended the organisations on the progress of SR24/7 on Thursday at Parliament House.

SR24/7 is a unique course recognising the significant and mostly unheralded role that surfers often play in coastal rescue efforts. The course will provide an opportunity for all surfers in NSW to do a free CPR and customised board rescue course.

The free course, which has been taught to more than 500 recreational surfers, school groups and boardrider’s clubs throughout NSW since November, will provide the education and necessary skills surfers can draw upon if found in a difficult situation and ultimately will result in lives saved across the state. Surf Life Saving NSW is proud to be partnering with Surfing NSW to deliver the CPR component of the course.

Eleven time World Surfing Champion, Kelly Slater, is a big supporter of the initiative.

“Congratulations…on the implementation of the Surfer’s Rescue 24/7 Course. Recognising the enormous contribution that recreational surfers make to water safety on a daily basis in NSW is a great message to send to our group and its importance in protecting the larger community,” said Slater.

In conjunction with pro surfers who are currently working as Lifeguards, Surfing NSW has identified board rescue techniques that are unique to the sport of surfing.

Board rescue techniques will make up one segment of the course while the other will be putting surfers through a nationally accredited CPR course run by Surf Life Saving NSW trainers. On completion of the course, participants will receive a nationally recognised certificate.

Surfers are also being encouraged to report their rescue efforts to help compile data on ‘out of season’ and non-patrolled beaches throughout NSW.

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Photo (from left to right) Luke Madden & Amanda Couzner (Surfing NSW), NSW Treasurer Mike Baird, Surfing NSW CEO Mark Windon, Police and Emergency Services Minister Mike Gallacher, SLSNSW CEO Phil Vanny, SLSNSW Academy Business Manager Dan Gaffney

Fri 28 Jun 2013