Teenager Rescued At Warriewood Blowhole

A teenager was fortunate to escape serious injury after getting stranded in the notorious Warriewood Blowhole on Wednesday afternoon.

Pittwater Lifeguards were alerted to the drama shortly before 2pm when the teenager’s friend came and told them that the 14-year-old had fallen off the blowhole.

Conditions at Warriewood Beach were hazardous at the time of the incident with the beach closed and swimming not advised.

A jet ski was in the water within minutes and was able to drop a Lifeguard near to the tunnel entrance where the teenager was stranded on a ledge about three quarters of the way inside.

The Lifeguard swam in despite the heavy surf and discovered that the teenager was uninjured except for minor cuts and bruising.

He reassured the teenager and the two waited for a lull in the waves before swimming out to the waiting Jet Ski.

Australian Lifeguard Service (ALS) Pittwater Supervisor Brad Woodward said the incident was a reminder about how dangerous the Blowhole can be.

“Jumping off the Warriewood Blowhole is an extremely high-risk activity and as Lifeguards it is something we actively discourage,” Mr Woodward said.

“The teenager was very lucky as we have been training for this type of rescue scenario and we were able to react quickly and professionally because everyone knew their jobs.”

Today’s incident is the twelfth major incident at the location in the last 6 years.

In March 2013 a 23-year-old man drowned at the Blowhole while the previous death was a 19-year-old in 2006.

Warriewood Beach will remain closed for the remainder of Wednesday due to powerful surf conditions.

Wed 17 Feb 2016