Three Injured In Sydney Rogue Wave

At least three people were winched out by rescue helicopter and transported to hospital after sustaining injuries when they were washed into the water at an isolated rock platform in Sydney’s Royal National Park.

The drama began shortly before 3pm on Saturday when a rogue wave washed a group of people off the Figure 8 Rock Pools.

Around 150 people were in the area at the time, but it is not known how many of those actually entered the water.

Due to the remoteness of the location the first lifesavers from Burning Palms SLSC who were tasked to respond to the incident travelled by Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) while their colleagues walked the half hour to the scene to assist.

The Westpac Lifesaving Helicopter and Ambulance Helicopter also responded.

Three people suffered serious injuries and it was decided that the only option was to winch them out and transport them to Garie where ambulances and paramedics were able to access.

A 22-year old woman with head injuries and 53-year-old woman with a severely injured ankle were winched out in two operations by the Westpac Helicopter along with an accompanying family member each.

The third patient was rescued by the ambulance helicopter and also transported to the surf life saving club. Their condition has not been disclosed.

Volunteer lifesavers were also on hand to assist in administering first aid to others involved in the incident.

Sat 9 Jan 2016