Waste to be Reduced at State Champs

Surf Life Saving NSW will host an environmentally-friendly event when the Allphones NSW Surf Life Saving Championships comes to the Central Coast in March 2013.

With the support of Keep Australia Beautiful and Gosford City Council, event organisers are aiming to reduce the amount of waste and pollution at the Championships by trialling new recycling efforts.

The State Championships will be held at Ocean Beach-Umina on the Central Coast from 1-10 March 2013.

Around 8000 competitors are expected to participate, along with thousands more officials, family and spectators.

Visitors, club members and the local community are encouraged to think about what they can recycle, what they can reuse and how much general waste can be reduced at the event.

SLSNSW will be using recycling bin lid toppers which clearly distinguish recycling bins from those used for general waste. Flags clearly labelled with “Recycle” will be located next to these bins. These recycling bins will be located across the five busiest traffic areas on and off the beach.

A display stall set up at the event promoting the initiative will feature super sized (1.4 metre) can and bottle recycling bins. These novelty size bins will hopefully be a fun way to encourage people to separate their waste from recyclable products.

The Council Waste Management team have assisted the clubs in the development of their waste management program for the event.

All club teams will be supplied with different coloured garbage bags each day, one for recycling and the other for general waste. These will be made available at the tent and will be given to club managers at the pre-event meetings. Garbage bags will be collected by volunteers throughout the day.

SLSNSW Surf Sports Manager Dan Pearce says these are just some of the initiatives being implemented to make the championships environmentally-friendly.

"With an event of this size attracting so many visitors to the area, we need to have plans in place to reduce our effect on the environment," said Dan Pearce. "Together with council, we're working on a variety of ways to minimise the impact on the competition venue and surrounding areas."

SLSNSW aims to create a more sustainable surf sports event, reduce the carbon footprint and keep the beautiful Central Coast beaches clean.

Tue 12 Feb 2013