Wet’n’Wild Nippers Set For Carnival Finish

The second season of the Wet’n’Wild Sydney Nippers is set for a thrilling finish when the kids of Western Sydney put the water skills they’ve learned into practise in a fun-filled carnival.

Around 250 Nippers will gather at Wet’n’Wild Sydney at Prospect this Sunday 29 March, where the park’s iconic wave pool will form the perfect backdrop for the season ending carnival.

The kids will have the chance to compete in a full surf carnival program, including beach sprints, flags, swim, board and ironman events for the older kids.

As many of the families involved in the program do not have a background in Surf Life Saving, it’s been a steep learning curve for them – but they've embraced the challenge with gusto, becoming directly involved with the weekly sessions.

Belinda and Troy Champion are two of the parents involved with the program. Troy helps out as Age Manager for the Under 10s or wherever else he is needed, while Belinda pitches in too and has become the unofficial club photographer.

Living in Western Sydney, they believe the Wet’n’Wild Nippers program plays a vital role in educating children about the importance of surf safety, as well as providing the opportunity for their children to receive instruction in things like basic first aid treatments.

“This season our children have not only learned how to read the waves and general beach safety but they can also recognise when someone else is in trouble and what to do,” Mrs Champion said.

“Our daughter has now received her Basic First Aid certificate and feels confident in performing CPR if it was needed.”

Mrs Champion said the program has developed a community feeling, and that many of the parents are keen to develop their own surf safety skills, and build on the friendships that have been made.

“The parents and carers have had the opportunity to step up and be Age Managers, and this year they have been able to run the program week to week as they lead their group of kids,” she said.

“This means that parents are able to directly be involved in the education of the children and a number are now taking further steps to also complete their surf Bronze Medallion.

“As parents one of the biggest highlights of the season has been to lead our kids by example and share a common interest, which brings us closer together.”

Wet’n’Wild Sydney General Manager, Dianne Rigg said the Wet’n’Wild Sydney Nippers club has been a fantastic opportunity for the kids of Western Sydney to get involved and learn about the importance of water safety.

“The Wet'n'Wild Sydney Nippers has provided a beach within reach for hundreds of kids that live away from the coastline. Through the assistance of Surf Life Saving NSW, kids have learnt vital water safety skills by participating in games, sports and educational activities, which has helped build their confidence in and around the water.”

Around 250 children aged 6 to 12 took part in the 2015 program. It is hoped the successful partnership between Wet’n’Wild and Surf Life Saving NSW will be continued next season with the possibility of extending the program to include more youngsters from Western Sydney.

Thu 26 Mar 2015