Wet’n’Wild Sydney Nippers Beachin’ Experience

Over 100 enthusiastic youngsters from the Wet’n’Wild Sydney Nippers Program descended on Manly Beach on Sunday for their first official visit to the coast since becoming the state's most unique surf education program three seasons ago.

The visit hosted by North Steyne SLSC gave the Western Sydney youngsters a chance to learn new skills in the surf, while also boosting their confidence when swimming between the red and yellow flags in the beach environment.

The Wet'n'Wild Sydney Nippers participated in joint activities with their coastal peers enjoying time on the sand and in the water.

Troy Champion, Wet’n’Wild Sydney Nippers Age Manager says the visit to the beach for the kids is a fantastic addition to the program.

“The beach visit was really good because it exposed the kids from Western Sydney to real beach conditions,” said Mr Champion whose two children are both program participants.

“It’s great to meet up with another club like North Steyne and get a different outlook on what your club does and what their club does in terms of teaching the kids.”

For the Age Managers it wasn’t just the Wet’n’Wild Sydney volunteers who were learning new techniques about the beach, it was also a chance for them to share their experiences with the North Steyne parents.

“We learnt a lot from the Wet’n’Wild Sydney Age Managers as they have larger groups and it’s interesting to see how they go about their work,” said Neils Thelosen a North Steyne Age Manager.

The Nippers from both clubs thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The Wet’n’Wild Nippers are keen to head to the beach again while those North Steyne youngsterare already asking their parentsto make a day trip Wet’n’Wild Sydney .

“The North Steyne Nippers have been asking me for when it’s their turn to come to Wet’n’Wild Sydney, mainly because they all want to stay the day and enjoy the rides,” said Mr Champion.

The day was made possible thanks to the tireless efforts of the North Steyne SLSC who were generous hosts both with their time and willingness to share knowledge.

“A big thankyou must go to the members of both clubs who assisted in making the Wet’n’Wild Sydney Nippers first beach visit possible. It was a real community effort with Sydney Northern Beaches clubs Narrabeen and Freshwater helping with water safety.” said Cheryl White, SLSNSW Wet’n’Wild Sydney Nippers Coordinator.

“Overall the day was very enjoyable for all involved – and the most pleasing thing to come out of the day is now Wet’n’Wild Sydney Nippers are wanting to join a coastal club which was one of our goals when we started this surf education program.”

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Tue 12 Jan 2016