Whale and Dolphin Exclusion Zones

Each year between May and November the east coast of Australia bears witness to the spectacular migration of whales from Antarctica to south east Queensland and back.

On occasion whales and their calves may enter the surf zone and this can pose risks to the public. Recently a surfer was badly injured at Bondi Beach when a whale flicked its tail unexpectedly.

It is important to note the rules and regulations surrounding approaching whales and dolphins in NSW and the potential for their presence at popular beaches during the upcoming lifesaving season.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Amendment (Marine Mammals) Regulation 2006 (the Regulation) has been introduced to protect marine mammals such as whales and dolphins while allowing people to appreciate them in the wild. For further information visit NSW NAtional Parks and Wildlife.

For up to date information on whale sightings and general safety information visit Wild About Whales.

Thu 29 Aug 2013