Young Nipper Saves Man Having A Stroke

An 11 year old boy has come to the aid of a man having a stroke in Manly on Thursday afternoon.

Hamish Thorpe and his mother heard the man crying for help and beeping his car horn from their third storey apartment.

Hamish’s mother Fred was immobile due to a recent operation so the quick thinking boy raced down to help the man himself.

Using his training from Manly Life Saving Club (LSC), Hamish recognised the signs of somebody having a stroke and relayed these symptoms up his mum who was on the phone to the ambulance.

Hamish put the man in the recovery position, kept his airway clear and monitored his condition until the paramedics arrived.

Fred Thorpe was astounded at how much of her son’s nippers training through the surf club stuck with him in a real emergency.

“I was stunned to be honest. I knew that he knew the basics of first aid from his Rescue and Resuscitation (R & R) competitions and training but the extent of his knowledge, skills and steady thinking in an emergency really made me proud!”

The man is reportedly in a stable condition in Manly Hospital and is keen to thank the young nipper.

Hamish has been a member of Manly LSC since he was six years old and is not yet old enough to become a voluntary lifesaver.

Fri 19 Jul 2013