SLSNSW is committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our members. The contents of this page are being reviewed at least weekly and will include the latest information aligned to official sources including the Australian Government Department of Health, NSW Health and NSW Sport.

Page updated 24 May 2022, 1:30pm

Download the COVID-19 Resources Summary of Changes 

The below table reflects the current Public Health Orders and the recent SLSNSW COVID-19 Vaccination Policy. More detail on the policy can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.


From 15 December or 95% vaccination rate

Applies to all regardless of vaccination status


Travel between Greater Sydney and regional NSW permitted for all

Carpooling permitted for all

Mask usage

From 18th February 2022: Masks required in all indoor settings.
From 25th February 2022: Masks only mandated in some circumstances but encouraged in indoor settings where social distancing cannot be applied. Refer to the latest information from NSW Health.

QR Codes

Only required at nightclubs and music festivals.

Proof of vaccination no longer required by Public Health Orders (businesses can still require proof at their own discretion)

Community Education

Silver Salties



No density limits, with COVID Safe Measures.
Optional COVID-19 Safety Plans are available to help keep environments safe.


Emergency response

Critical education

Other (non-critical) education


Sport Training

Members must be fully vaccinated from February 23

No density limits, with COVID Safe Measures.
Optional COVID-19 Safety Plans are available to help keep environments safe.

Hospitality services

Weddings and funerals

No density limits. Singing and dancing permitted.

COVID Safe Measures include the below, noting that there may be times where emergency service workers will not be able to implement these measures.

  • increased cleaning and sanitisation
  • restrictions on group sizes
  • physical distancing
  • QR code check-ins
  • masks
  • temperature checks

Additional information related to running COVID Safe activities and events in Surf Life Saving can be found in this factsheet. This factsheet replaces some of the information featured in last seasons’ Activity Matrix and COVID-19 Information Packs, and will help you to develop your COVID-19 Safety Plans.

As of 23 February 2022, it will be a requirement for any Frontline Volunteer Patrolling activity, Support Operations activity or training, assessing and facilitating activity that the Member must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, unless they have been granted an exemption by SLSNSW in accordance with this policy.

Vaccination must be undertaken on the advice of an accredited health practitioner (including health practitioners at any authorised COVID-19 vaccination centres). All those undertaking these activities will be required to provide evidence acceptable to SLSNSW of being fully vaccinated.

The NSW Premier has recently relaxed the arrangements regarding COVID19, essentially stating that key agencies could consider another position other than that of mandate (with the exception of Health Workers and Aged Care Workers), as long as the agency/organisation was addressing its WHS obligations. The SLSNSW Board directed the SLSNSW CEO to commence a review of our position based on the above, and review and update the original Risk Matrix that informed the mandate decision, then seek legal position regarding what, how and if any changes are required to be made.

The review is currently underway, and we hope to communicate a position to the membership before the cessation of the winter period, to allow appropriate preparation for next season. Our position of mandatory vaccination for all frontline members (as identified within the policy) introduced on 23 February 2022 remains until we complete this review.

SLSNSW Member Covid-19 Vaccination Policy.

SLSNSW Member Covid-19 Vaccination Policy FAQs.

SLSNSW Member Covid-19 Vaccination Policy Review Process


From 23 February 2022 we will accept for these purposes proof of vaccination through the Service NSW app, your COVID-19 Digital Certificate, or if you do not have one, your Immunisation History Statement. These documents should be sighted by the supervisor at the SLS activity you are undertaking (eg Patrol Captain, Support Operations Coordinator, Club President or delegate)

Businesses can still require proof of vaccination at their own discretion. Clubs and branches may also wish to share information relating to how proof of vaccination status can be shown with their members and other stakeholders.

COVID-19 Safety Plans are now optional for all businesses.

Information to support the development of your COVID-19 Safety Plans can be found in this factsheet.

If the club runs a gym, café, restaurant or bar then they must also register as a ‘COVID Safe Business’. A copy of the COVID-19 Safety Plan must be kept on the premises and be made available for inspection by an authorised officer if requested.

The following COVID-19 Safety Plans can be found on the NSW Government website:

  • Community centres and halls
  • Function centres
  • Gyms
  • Funerals, memorial services and wakes
  • Office environment
  • Pubs and clubs
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Wedding ceremonies and receptions

Clubs and branches should appoint a COVID Safe Coordinator to act as the central point of contact for COVID-19 matters. Clubs are requested to update their Officer Positions in SurfGuard with a new position available COVID Safe Coordinator. This will enable clear communications with every club as new information and updates become available. Additional COVID Safe Coordinators can be appointed for each portfolio (e.g. Lifesaving, Education, Juniors, Sport).

Most indoor premises do not require a QR code check in. See NSW Health for exceptions


  • Clubs should manage their risk as though there is NO insurance cover in place for claims arising from COVID. However, the risk of a claim against the club is very low if they implement the relevant government health advice across their activities, both on and off the beach.
  • SLSNSW members have coverage for personal accident cover under the icare (workers compensation) scheme. As with contracting any infectious disease whilst participating in SLS activities, members are required to demonstrate to icare that the infection was directly acquired as a result of their SLS activity. All claims are considered and determined by icare directly and independently.
  • The SLSA Insurance Program provides a safety net to address costs if a COVID related claim is lodged against a club.  Marsh, as the broker for the National Program, will manage and defend any claim in partnership with the club and SLSNSW.

Cyber Attacks (Phishing)

  • Phishing schemes have increased dramatically since the outbreak of COVID-19.
  • A guide to help clubs and branches identify and protect themselves from Phishing attacks is available on our website.

For more information about club governance, management and compliance, please contact

  • It is recommended that clubs have a clear policy on membership cancellation / refund / credit process and under what circumstances any refunds might be applied. More information and considerations, including SurfGuard processes can be found in this factsheet.
  • Capitation fees will be charged on any membership accepted this season, including those which are archived within the season.

The NSW Government is offering financial support to businesses as part of the COVID-19 support package. Information on what is available to businesses and organisations can be found here.

The Westpac COVID-19 Customer Support Package is also available for Westpac customers.

For more information about available grants, please contact the SLSNSW Partnerships Team,

For assistance in preparing a professionally written application, lodgement and acquittal for available grants, please contact the Surf Life Saving Foundation Grant Seeking Unit, (07) 3177 5855.

Communication resources such as social media tiles, website banners and posters have been created by NSW Health and can all be downloaded from Dropbox.

Members seeking to apply for an exemption to the vaccination policy should follow the exemption procedures as outlined in the document following: