The content of the new SLSA Public Safety and Aquatic Rescue (PSAR) manual has been reviewed and updated to align with the new SRC and BM curriculum as well as the latest best practice. The format has also changed to include new interactive features thanks to its new electronic version within the SLS Publications app.  

Refer to the ‘file download’ section of this webpage for a summary of changes from the 34th to the 35th edition of PSAR training manual. 

The PSAR35 manual costs $10 for SLS members and is automatically free for current Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators (TAFs) who can train or assess any of the awards listed below. 

  • Bronze Medallion 
  • First aid 
  • Radio operations 
  • Resuscitation 
  • Spinal management 
  • Surf Rescue Certificate 

Individual Members

Individual members may purchase their copy of the PSAR35 through the SLS Members Online Store using a credit card, debit card or a single-use access code provided to them by their club. Once a member logs in to the SLSA Publications App, they will be recognised as having purchased the manual, and it will appear as a publication for them to access.


Clubs and branches may purchase multiple PSAR35 access codes through the SLS Members Online Store which they can then distribute to their members. A club member needs administrative access to the SLS online Store to be able to see and purchase PSAR35 access codes in bulk on behalf of their club. The member then uses this PSAR35 access code to ‘buy’ their manual from the SLS Members Online Store instead of a credit or debit card.

Clubs may reach out to the SLSA IT Helpdesk for assistance with administrative access and the SLS Members Online Store.

Current Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators

All currently endorsed and probationary Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators (TAFs) of the SLSA Surf Rescue Certificate, Bronze Medallion, Radio Operations, Resuscitation, and First Aid awards can skip going to the SLS Members Online Store as they will automatically have free access to the PSAR35 within the SLSA Publications app. Should their TAF endorsement lapse, their free access will expire.

Refer to the SLSA IT Helpdesk website for more information ( 

Through the SLSA Publications app using your individual SLSA Members Area Login details. 

Click the appropriate link above or follow the individual steps below to access PSAR35: 

  1. Open the app store on your smart phone or tablet. 

  2. Search ‘SLSA Publications’ 

  3. Download the SLSA Publications app  

  4. Open the app 

  5. Enter you individual SLS Members Area Login Details 

  6. Select the PSAR35 publication.


If you have forgotten your SLS Members Area login details or need to create one, click on the appropriate link below: 

Forgot username or password

Create SLS Members Area account  

Your SLS Members Area login details talks with SurfGuard to automatically determine if you are a current TAF eligible for free access to PSAR35 within the SLSA Publications app.

You can only be logged into the SLSA Publications App on one device at a time.

If you experience any issues, submit a support ticket with the SLSA IT Helpdesk. Remember to include a screenshot if you can and let them know what digital device you are using. 

Speak with your trainer or chief training officer regarding a restricted PDF version of the manual. Note that any PDF version is out of date as soon as it is downloaded or printed and will not include many of the online version’s interactive features, e.g., playing videos, receiving update notifications.