NSW Bushfire Support

Surf Life Saving NSW has a number of resources available to assist our clubs and members impacted by the NSW bushfires.

The Bushfire recovery efforts have not been stopped due to the current COVID-19 health emergency.

The mobile recovery centres are currently still open to assist people with questions and resources.

Check the government assistance links below to see what events are being held. People are being asked to respect the social distancing rules and not attend if they are feeling ill.

The bushfires across NSW have had a devastating impact on our communities, our clubs and our members. Surf Life Saving NSW and our volunteer lifesavers have responded with unprecedented compassion, heroism, resilience and support to thousands of community members impacted by the bushfires across NSW. Support is available to those impacted by the bushfires.


Contact Us

Claire Bevis, SLSNSW Membership Manager, is the key contact at SLSNSW for club support - memberservices@surflifesaving.com.au or 9471 8000.

Member Welfare & Support

It is important that surf lifesavers impacted by bushfires make their own well-being a priority.  

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, unable to concentrate and have less enthusiasm for things you enjoy after working in or being part of an emergency situation. It’s also important to note you don’t have to be directly impacted by the event for it to affect you.

If you notice a change in appetite, irritability or sweating, trouble sleeping, a change in weight or feeling the need to be constantly alert you may be experiencing some mental health reactions to what is going on and what you have been through.

Ways you can take care of your mental health include;

  • Accept help when it’s offered
  • Recognise this is an unusual situation – talk to a professional
  • Limit the amount of media coverage you see and hear
  • Write down your worries and concerns
  • Know you won’t have all the answers
  • Express your feelings in your own time and way
  • Understand you are not alone in your experience

These feelings generally resolve after a few weeks with some self-care and some social support. 

If these feelings continue, or if you notice, in yourself or someone else, a significant change in behaviour, then mental wellbeing may have been impacted and you may need to seek extra support.

If you have been tasked to attend an event or have experienced a reaction to an incident while on duty as a lifesaver, the SLSNSW Member Welfare Officer is available to discuss options for additional support and can be contacted on memberwelfare@surflifesaving.com.au or 0455 726 221 during business hours.

If you require immediate assistance you can call 1800 808 374 to receive confidential 24/7 over the phone professional assistance from SLSNSW Employee Assistance Program provider – Assure Programs.

APM is also offering free 24/7 telephone counselling to anyone affected by the fires on their community assistance line 1800 276 113.

Further Resources

Government Assistance & Information

Financial Support & Assistance

In response to the ongoing bushfires in NSW, assistance has been activated for affected individuals and organisations. 

Rural Assistance Authority - NSW Government

Current natural disaster declarations and information on available Government grants and loans.

Disaster Assistance for Individuals and Organisations – NSW Bushfires (August 2019 onwards)

Australian Government Volunteer Grants 2019-20