Surf Life Saving is committed to having an inclusive and diverse membership which reflects our community. We are an all-inclusive organisation that protects, educates, prepares and embraces everyone and the information below signposts to key areas of information.

Member Services Member Diversity & Inclusion

The environment in which surf lifesaving operates has the potential for members to be involved in incidents of a traumatic nature. Such incidents could include the loss of life, the provision of emergency care, search and rescue operations, or a serious incident involving fellow members.

Member Services Critical Incident Support

Member Protection Information Officers (MPIO) play an important role in community and sporting organisations.

Member Protection

The NSW Government is helping kids get active with the Active Kids program.

Active Kids Junior & Youth Involvement

Our young people come to Surf Life Saving with drive, passion and a commitment to change for a brighter future for the Movement.

Member Services Junior & Youth Involvement

Not only are our Junior Members integral for our pipeline to future Active membership, but by providing Nipper programs Surf Life Saving Clubs are ensuring that the next generation learns valuable life skills and knowledge which one day might save their life, or even perhaps the life of another.

Member Services Junior & Youth Involvement

Recognising the invaluable contributions made by members, clubs and branches is extremely important to Surf Life Saving.

Member Services Member Recognition

Surf Life Saving values the contributions made by our members and we encourage clubs and branches to proactively recognise their members throughout the season by using the range of recognition awards available.

Member Services Member Recognition
Member Services Member Development

Surf Life Saving Clubs (SLSC), as organisations that involve children, should have a strong interest in keeping children safe.

Club Development Member Protection