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The NSW Youth Pathway Cup (YPC) team has also retained their winning streak. The future of NSW beach and water athletes have continued the legacy set by those, most of which are now competing in the Interstate team, by winning the third consecutive Youth Pathways Cup since it's inauguration three years ago.

The YPC event showcases and provides an opportunity for our U14 and U15 members to represent their State. Team manager Monique Williams said it's a great event and the NSW team had some outstanding results finishing in the top three in each of the 12 races with six 1st places, four 2nd places and two 3rd places.

"There was so much cohesion in our team and we're so proud of them," said Monique. "We're so lucky each year to have such a talented group represent the state and it's tough racing. They race hard all day to get results in the individual events and then in the relays in the afternoon they all support each other and continue to get results.

The whole team performed at an amazingly high level, but Monique says Zara Foran (Swansea Belmont SLSC) in the Under 14s was incredible winning both the Surf Race and Ironwoman as well as taking out second place in the Board Race. Lani Waller was also on fire winning the Board Race ahead of Zara, she also took third in the Surf Race. 

In the Under 14 Boys, Newport's Connor Maggs continued his winning streak taking out the Ironman and getting second in the Board Race. 

The Under 15s were equally as strong with Chelsea Jones and Mia Cracknell had a great day consistently finishing in the top six in all their events. The boys saw Mitch and Jake Morris and Bailey Clues finished in the top three in every event they put their foot on the line for. Jake Morris also put major points on the board winning the Ironman.

"We're so happy to win this event for the third time on Queensland's turf and by 20 points this year," said Monique. "It was great to see South Australia get up into third place this year. They've come such a long way since the first event three years ago. Tasmania put in an amazingly strong performance too. We can't wait to be back next year," she said. "We all love what we do."

Photos courtesy of Christine Borg


Overall point score:

  1. NSW – 210

  2. QLD – 190

  3. SA – 126

  4. WA – 122

  5. TAS – 36

  6. NT – 0


Under 14s

  • Lilly Hofer

  • Zara Foran

  • Lani Waller

  • India Hulbert

  • Georgie Prowse

  • Brayden Woodford

  • Noah Nakagawa

  • Maalik Moston

  • Conner Maggs

  • Fletcher Warn

Under 15s

  • Mia Cracknell

  • Natalia Drobot

  • Emelyn Wheeler

  • Chelsea Jones

  • Kimberley Doyle

  • Bailey Clues

  • Jake Morris

  • Mitchell Morris

  • Aymn Hamilton

  • Jackson Blake

Team Managers: Monique Williams, Rachelle King, Michael Gedz & Ryan Quick