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Where do we operate? 

The Australian Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle Service (AUAVS) AUAVS employs more than 200 qualified UAV Operators and UAV Pilots (Remote Pilot Licence) each season, who deliver UAV surveillance across nominated and identified locations, working alongside lifesaving patrols and professional lifeguard services. These surveillance services are also a highly valuable asset within the Surf Life Saving Emergency Response System, able to be tasked to local incidents.

The UAVS currently operates two core UAV programs across NSW; the NSW Government Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI) UAV Surveillance Program (50 locations) and the Membership UAV Program (30 locations). These programs provide a highly visible aerial presence in every coastal Council of NSW.

What do we do?

We provide a highly professional drone surveillance service

Our trained UAV Staff (Operators and Pilots) deliver exceptional service across a range of different environments, working alongside anyone from lifesaving volunteers, professional lifeguard services, Police, Ambulance, and Fire and Rescue staff to protect and improve public safety. These skills are also highly applicable to operations inland from the coast and we welcome any and all opportunities to deliver tailored and unique services across Australia, as well as internationally.

Volunteer capability and integration

We work alongside Surf Life Saving New South Wales (SLSNSW) Branches, Clubs and members to provide them with UAV kits, training, job planning/risk assessment systems, and one-on-one support needed to deliver UAV surveillance as part of their lifesaving operations. This includes mobile units utilized alongside the SLSNSW Duty Officer emergency call-out teams, who are tasked to major coastal incidents.

Branch UAV Coordinator Guide and Position Description

SLSNSW is pleased to provide the following resources to Branch UAV Coordinators. The Coordinator role is crucial in the integration of UAVs into SLS Branches and Clubs, and is responsible for the delivery of UAV programs to the SLSNSW membership. The comprehensive Guide is designed to provide Branch UAV Coordinators with guidance on various aspects of their role, and includes how-to guides, maintenance procedures, proficiency requirements, and more. The Position Description document complements this handbook by specifying the role and responsibilities in detail.

Please ensure that you access and familiarise yourself with these valuable resources to effectively carry out your duties.

The Guide and PD also assist in clarifying to the Branch executive teams and Surf Life Saving Club UAV teams about how to work within the Branch UAV (uncrewed aerial vehicle/drone) structures, assisted by the Branch UAV Coordinator.

It is recommended that each UAV-operating Club and Branch maintains a printed copy of this document, accessible to all relevant personnel.


Guide to SLSC Owning UAVs

SLSNSW provides a Guide, assisting Surf Life Saving Clubs to understand the processes and procedure associated with integrating UAVs safely, lawfully, and successfully into SLSC operations.

This Guide was created by SLSNSW’s Australian UAV Service team following an affirmative vote by the Lifesaving Standing Committee supporting SLSCs owning UAVs, provided they followed the processes outlined in this Guide.


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