True Paddlers Challenge - North Curl Curl SLSC

  • DATE

    01 Dec 2018

  • TIME



    Griffin Rd

    North Curl Curl NSW 2099

The True Paddlers Challenge is for stand-up paddle boarders, ocean / surf skiers and prone clubbie board-riders.


Leg 1​ – Competitors start with a 4km paddle following a triangular course starting in northern corner of North Curl Curl beach and proceeding diagonally 1.3km towards North Head, around a turn buoy then heading 1.3km towards South Curl Curl beach before rounding a 2nd turn buoy and paddling a final 1.3km leg from South Curl Curl to North Curl Curl (all out of the wave zone behind the break).

At North Curl Curl competitors round final marker buoy paddle through a finish gate (2 buoys) and head into shore for transition into leg 2.

Leg 2​ – Competitors then undertake a 2km beach run from North Curl Curl to South Curl Curl round a turning flag at South Curl Curl and then run back to North Curl Curl, where they will pick up their craft in transition area and proceed to leg 3.

Leg 3​ – Competitors repeat leg 1 – and finish between finishing arch located on North Curl Curl Beach.

Should surf conditions be unsafe for any paddling, the race will be postponed until conditions are deemed safe or the event will be cancelled.

Find out more and register at the North Curl Curl SLSC website.


Please note this event is not run by SLSNSW.