All events that fall outside of the usual scope of lifesaving, education or training are classified as special events and require approval.

Special Events fall into three categories:

  1. Staging sport events which are not described in the Surf Sports Manual (e.g. ocean swims, ocean kayak races, fun runs etc). *Note all surf sports events must be sanctioned by your branch and/or SLSNSW.
  2. Non-core SLS member activities which are not surf sport related (e.g. end of season camps, social activities away from the club such as go-karting etc.)
  3. Non-core SLS activities or activities away from your club location (e.g. first aid/water safety at a sport event conducted by a third party, the local school fete, community education etc).

If in doubt, please contact SLSNSW at

All SLS organisations must complete the Special Events Application Form below. For SLS Clubs,  the form should be sent for approval by your branch and forwarded onto SLSNSW.  Approval by SLSNSW  is required prior to engaging in any Special Events to ensure that insurance coverage is confirmed and/or any levies or special conditions applied.