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The Foundation Coach award is aimed at coaches of entry level participants actively participating in a club surf sport environment (recreationally or competitively). This level is generally for Nippers (U8 - U13) based coaching.

Target: Parents of nippers/new club members and people with an interest in coaching.
Duration (theory & practical): A mix of theory and practical education methods. The two-part theory component must be completed prior to the practical course.

At the completion of this course coaches will be able to:

  1. Understand the role, legal obligations and ethical responsibilities of a Foundation Coach
  2. Identify risks associated with board, beach and swim activities and apply principles of risk management related to surf sports coaching
  3. Prepare a surf sports coaching session plan
  4. Select coaching methods and activities appropriate to participant needs and characteristics
  5. Safely conduct a surf sport coaching session, ensuring fun, learning and maximum participation through games and activities
  6. Utilise a range of communication skills and behaviour management strategies to help participants learn basic skills and tactics
  7. Develop strategies to build effective working relationships with parents, surf sports officials and club/event administrators
  8. Review coaching session and own performance to identify improvements

The first component is the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) Community Coaching General Principles online certificate. The second component is to complete the online modules via EtrainU.

The Foundation course modules (2 & 3) you will need to complete on EtrainU are:

  • Introduction to Surf Sports Coaching
  • Time to Coach

There is no time limit to complete these modules. You do not have to complete this in the one sitting but it is in your best interest to complete them ASAP. The practical component will take approx. 1-3 hours in duration depending on the availability of your Assessor/s.

Course Requirements: Participants must be 16+ years to enrol in this course. Water based disciplines require the coach to have held or currently hold a bronze medallion. This course is not a prerequisite for the Development course.
Cost: $65 including GST.

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL)

How to apply for RPL

If a candidate feels they already have the required competencies in any of the courses, they can apply to have these skills recognised to acquire their coaching accreditation without completing the theory components. You must have considerable prior knowledge to be approved. Please complete the RPL forms below and send them to the SLSNSW Surf Sports Team.