This page provides links to all the Member Training and Education resources used by volunteer Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators (‘TAFs’), Chief Training Officers (CTOs) and Branch Directors of Education (DoEs).

Members can also find the resources linked below at any time within the SLS Members Area Document Library:

  • Organisational Level – Surf Life Saving NSW
  • Category – Education

You will need your unique SLS Members Area Login Details to access some training resources.

Members may also refer to the one-page summaries within the following documents:

Course Resources


  • Chief Training Officers are encouraged to schedule skills maintenance sessions for education team members earlier in the season to support their re-endorsement process.
  • For each award in SurfGuard, please allow up to four weeks to have its proficiency date extended from when you have completed all its skills maintenance requirements.
  • Skills maintenance only renews an SLSA award’s currency. It does not renew any units of competency.

TAF Endorsement and Re-endorsement Resources

More information about TAF re-endorsement can be found in the latest SLSNSW Training and Education Standard Operating Procedures and on the SLSNSW TAF Re-Endorsement webpage.

The following paper-based resources are still available upon request to SLSNSW Training and Education Team (

  • TAF Re-Endorsement Kit
  • VET Professional Development Logbook.

Education Officer Resources

Click the links below to access resources available to help Chief Training Officers and other members responsible for the administration of SLS courses.

(User Guides, Training Videos and Webinars, Support Tickets)

Click the links below to access resources available to support current CTOs and members wishing to become or support their SLSC’s Chief Training Officer.

Click the links below to access resources available to support current DoEs in their role and members wishing to become or support their Branch Director of Education.

(User Guides, Training Videos and Webinars, Support Tickets)

Your Feedback Matters!

Course and Training Resources

SLS Resources are developed by members for members.

The feedback you provide informs updates to SLS course resources and online systems.

Click the button below to submit your feedback.

If you are interested in participating more actively in SLS course and training resource reviews we recommend subscribing to SLSNSW Club Mail which promotes expressions of interest for working groups and feedback surveys.



SLS IT Feedback and Enhancement Suggestions

SLS IT systems supporting the delivery and administration of SLS courses are continuously improving based upon member feedback and enhancement suggestions.

No matter how big or small your idea is, we’d love to hear from you by completing the Enhancement Suggestions Form below.



CTOs have automatic administration access to the eLearning portal. All other members of a SLSC Education Team require authorisation from their CTOs for member privacy.

A CTO will send a written request to the SLSNSW Member Training and Education Team to assign select TAFs the ‘LMS Access’ award in SurfGuard. This award will allow them to assist with the administrative task of online theory assessment reporting for up to 12 months.

When entering the SLS Members Area Document Library, ensure you have the following document settings selected:

  • Organisation = Surf Life Saving NSW
  • Categories = Education
  • Officer Positions = Education

Please note that some education resources released to the  Surf Life Saving Australia Library do not apply to SLSNSW members or are not currently endorsed for use in NSW (e.g., Education resources presently being piloted in NSW).

For this reason, the documents located on the SLSNSW website and within the SLSNSW Document Library will always link you to the latest version of resources endorsed for use within NSW.

Only currently endorsed TAFS and Probationary TAFs may see restricted education resources within the SLS Members Area Document Library.

Your local education officer manages the education document library for their respective SLS entity.

We recommend speaking with your SLS Branch Director of Education or SLSC Chief Training Officer to ask whether they plan to populate their library within the SLS Members Area Document Library.