We have a range of resources to support volunteers involved in member training.

Remember that the SLS Members Area holds all of the delivery and assessment resources for each course, including PowerPoint presentations, Learner Guides and Delivery & Assessment Guides.

The Pre Season Information Pack and Skills Maintenance resources can be found on the Members Area.

Education Standard Operating Procedures (EduSOPs)

Our Education Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) include the policies and guidelines that apply to member training in New South Wales. They apply to all staff and volunteers involved in the delivery and assessment of Member Education.


For Training Delivery/Assessment

For TAF Application Endorsement / Re-Endorsement

Mac Users: Before sending your completed form to anyone, please Print to PDF (File>Print) and save this version of the form. If you don’t send this printed and saved version of the form, Windows users will not be able to see the content of your form.

For Training & Education Management

Role Descriptions and Handbooks

Other Support Resources