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The On Patrol section of the website holds patrol resources, procedures, guides and operating standards.

Club Radio Procedures

Suggested Scenarios for use on Patrol

Surf Life Saving Australia has developed suggested scenarios to be used for additional training on quieter patrol days. These scenarios can be led by Patrol Captains and are a great way to get newer members engaged during patrol, while also keeping all patrol members skills at a high level and ready to respond to an emergency.

Patrol Swaps

SLSA has also developed a ‘Patrol Swap’ feature that is available on the Members Area. Patrol Swaps enables members to indicate when they will be unable to attend a patrol therefore inviting other club members to replace them. Club members can also accept to replace for another member who is unable to patrol. Members can manage their replacements with other club members via the Members Portal then under the ‘Lifesaving Online’ tab. To use this feature, members will need to create a Members Portal Account by visiting Members can view their roster and access Patrol Swaps by clicking the ‘Lifesaving Online’ tab, then clicking the ‘Patrols’ tab.

For more information on how to use the Patrol Swaps feature, please read the Patrol Swap – Members User Guide.

As a club officer/administrator, please read the Patrol Swap – SurfGuard Administrators Guide for more information on how to setup and manage the Patrol Swaps feature.

Lifesaving Resources