This award aims to recognise excellence in lifesaving and service delivery, measured against industry best practice and operating procedures.

Lifesavers and Lifeguards provide an essential service to communities throughout New South Wales. Many exceptional rescues and first aids performed each year are over and above normal duties and showcase excellence in lifesaving training, skills and procedures.

The ‘Rescue of the Month’ (ROTM) aims to recognise excellence in lifesaving and service delivery, measured against industry best practice and operating procedures. It is not to encourage unnecessary risk, or neglect safety considerations and Standard Operating Procedures.

The program is designed to:

  1. Increase the recognition and promotion of lifesavers, surf clubs, lifesaving services (Support Operations) and ALS lifeguards after an incident; and
  2. Increase the number of worthy Meritorious Awards.

Note: The ROTM is a separate recognition program to the SLSA Meritorious Awards. Members, Clubs, Lifesaving Services (Support Operations) and the Australian Lifeguard Service may nominate to both programs separately using the relevant nomination forms.

Nomination Process

Clubs, Lifesaving Services (Support Operations), and ALS lifeguards are to nominate using the official Rescue of the Month Nomination Form.

2021/22 Key Dates

Nomation PeriodOnline Form to be Submitted bySLSNSW Closing DateNSW ROTM Announced
1-31 July 2021

1-31 August 2021 (August)10/9/202117/9/2021 24/9/2021
1-30 September 2021 (September)15/10/202122/10/202129/10/2021
1-31 October 2021 (October)12/11/202119/11/202126/11/2021
1-30 November 2021 (November)17/12/202124/12/202131/12/2021
1-31 December 2021 (December)14/1/202221/1/202228/1/2022
1-31 January 2022 (January)11/2/202218/2/202225/2/2022
1-28 February 2022 (February)11/3/202218/3/202225/3/2022
1-31 March 2022

1-30 April 2022

1-31 May 2022

1-30 June 2022


February 2022

Lifesaver(s) involved: Mariah Jones and Hugh Stewart

Club: Australian Lifeguard Service

January 2022

Lifesaver(s) involved: Peter Craik, Brett Beswick, Vince Malone, Paul Nichols, Andrew Collins, Andrew Manser, Chris Hill, George Ruzek, Stuart Harvey, Levi Kasun, Fletcher Berry, Kye Blair, Lynnette Varadin.
Club: Avoca Beach SLSC

December 2021

Lifesaver(s) involved: Alexander Buckton, Hardus Van Vuuren, Graham Cook, Richard Whipp, Robert Buckton, Alex Gold, Chamonix Van Vuuren, Richard Andjelkovic, Adrienne Lowe, Michael Wasley, Tracey Hare-Boyd, Trae Hare-Boyd, Frankie Bryant, Belinda Dobson, Brianna Coyte and Northern Beaches Council Lifeguards
Club: Narrabeen SLSC

November 2021

Lifesaver(s) involved: Darcy Morrow, Zac Swan
Club: Ballina Lighthouse and Lismore SLSC

October 2021

Lifesaver(s) involved: Members of Bulli SLSC, with assistance from members of Bellambi SLSC, Woonona SLSC, Sandon Point SLSC, Thirroul SLSC, Wollongong City SLSC, and SLS Illawarra Support Operations
Club: Bulli SLSC

September 2021

Lifesaver(s) involved: Matilda Harvey, Matilda Coleman, Violette Wolters, Rocky Wolters, Stuart Harvey
Club: Avoca Beach SLSC

August 2021

Lifesaver(s) involved: Jodie King, Toni Darben
Club: Coogee SLSC

July 2021

Lifesaver(s) involved: Tom Bedingfield, Jack Watt
Club: Manly LSC

May 2021

Lifesaver(s) involved: Mia Campbell
Club: Cooks Hill SLSC

April 2021

Lifesaver(s) involved: Jason Armbruster
Club: Ballina Lighthouse Lismore SLSC

March 2021

Lifesaver(s) involved: Richard Nicholas, Courtney Date
Club: Bondi SBLSC

February 2021

Lifesaver(s) involved: Maoiu La Gavia, Angel La Gavia, Jazzmyn Fillingham, Huxely Luntungan, Riley Wait, Aston Walters, Jeremie Camgrand, Keaton Watts, Christain Wait, Chris Fillingham, Julie-Ann Fillingham, Rob Coote, Saxon Lumsden, Wade Clemens
Club: Shelly Beach SLSC, members Toowoon Bay SLSC, Central Coast Council Lifeguards

January 2021

Lifesavers and Lifeguards involved: Adam Turner
Club: Austinmer SLSC

December 2020

Lifesavers and Lifeguards involved: Lachlan Crawford, Cameron Pyett, Jon Hayman, Michael Byrne, Kane Hughes, Elouera Patrol Members
Club: Wanda SLSC, SLSS RWC (Support Ski 2), Elouera SLSC, Sutherland Shire Lifeguards, SLSS (Sutherland 20)

November 2020

Lifesaver(s) and lifeguard(s) involved: John Walker, David Solman, Ben McCulkin, Brayden Hawkins, Cooper Sweeney, Daniel Lahey
Club: The Lakes SLSC

October 2020

Lifesaver(s) involved: Jerrad Allen
Club: Lower North Coast Support Operations

September 2020

Lifesaver(s) involved: Lachlan Muldrock
Club: Umina SLSC

July 2020

Lifesaver(s) involved: Andrew Sharp, Nathan Neal
Club: Elouera SLSC

June 2020

Lifesaver(s) involved: Anthony Turner, Lachlan Pritchard, Darren Weidner, Jamie Caldwell, Peter Evert, Markus Meier-Lindner, Keith Caldwell, and Bulli SLSC members
Club: Support Operations Illawarra

May 2020

Lifesavers and Lifeguards involved: Kyle Mathiesen
Club: Thirroul SLSC

March 2020

Lifesavers and Lifeguards involved: Glen Dunkley, Ben Fruend, James Worall, Stephen Leahy
Club: Fingal SLSC, Port Support Operations

February 2020

Lifesavers and Lifeguards involved: James McLennan, Kirsty McLennan, Eric Kammerer, Marcos Puga, Ivan Power, Matthew Johnston, Waverley Council Lifeguards and members Bronte SLSC
Club: Bronte SLSC

January 2020

Lifesavers involved: Clayton Schilg

Club: Tweed Heads Coolangatta SLSC