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Governance is the system that controls the way a club is managed and operates. It outlines the way in which members of the Executive are responsible for their actions.

Governance and compliance is more than just ensuring that the basic legal obligations of the club are met (compliance), and includes components such as transparency, accountability, stewardship and integrity. More information about governance can be found in Club Guide.

Club Executive Inductions

If you are involved in running a club, it is important to understand your responsibilities in relation to governance and compliance. If you are a new Club Executive member, or are just after a recap, access the Club Executive Induction Program to learn more about your role, the expectations that come with it, and the support and resources available to help you fulfil your responsibilities.

Club Compliance Requirements

Compliance requirements are in place for all clubs and branches to ensure they meet the basic requirements to operate as a Surf Life Saving entity. Each season in July, Club and Branch Presidents will receive a communication outlining these requirements and the timeframes in which they need to be completed to keep you on track.

The most recent circular includes contact details for the Branch Administration Team, who are able to provide you with support to meet these requirements.

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