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The SLS eLearning platform is an online learning management system for members to complete online learning and theory assessment components of SLS courses. It is also a system that helps SLSC Chief Training Officers and other education team members monitor and administer online course records.

The SLS eLearning platform connects to SurfGuard and the SLSA Assessing app to help reduce and automate many administrative requirements for training and assessing.

Members may also use the eLearing platform to create and enrol in assessment ‘Events’ at your SLS club and other SLS clubs within Australia.

One great benefit of using the eLearning platform is that it helps reduce any administrative burden felt by volunteer trainers, assessors, and administrators.

How to Access and Enrol in Online Courses

The first time you access the SLS eLearning Platform, you need to login via the SLS Members Area and agree to some terms and conditions of use.

After this first time, you can then can access the SLS eLearning Platform via the:

  1. SLS Members Area (eLearning menu)
  2. SLSA Learning app that’s available to download from both the Google Play Store for android devices and the Apple App Store for apple devices.


  • Both ways require a good internet connection and for you to log in using your own SLS Members Area login details.
  • If you have forgotten your login details, click here to have them sent to you via text or email.
  • If you do not have a unique SLS Members Area account, click here to create one.

After accessing the SLS eLearning Platform, you can enrol into a course within the ‘Training Library’ menu.

The courses are grouped into categories to make them easier to find. For example, you will find the latest online Skills Maintenance course within the Skills Maintenance Category.

After you enrol in an online course, it will be available for you to start and return to within your ‘My Training’ menu.

If your Trainer has allocated you a course, you will find it within your ‘My Training’ menu.





The following training support resources have been made available for members in NSW.

  1. SLSNSW eLearning Resource Links – includes links to training videos, cheat sheets and more
  2. This eLearning webpage.

Webinar training recordings and more eLearning training resources are also available on the SLSA IT Helpdesk website.

Click the link below to find answers to the following questions and more on the SLSA IT Helpdesk website:

  • Why is there an error message ‘prerequisite exists for this course’ when trying to enrol in eLearning?
  • Why can’t I access the Radio Protocols module (BM) on my desktop?
  • Why is the Radio Module of the BM course not recording my voice?
  • What can I do if I disagree with the answers to the theory assessment questions?
  • Why have I been locked out of the online theory assessment?
  • How do I get administration access to the eLearning platform?

Recent SLSA eLearning FAQs

Click the link below to find answers to the following questions and more within the SLSA eLearning User Guide:

  • Can I skip modules or parts of a course?
  • Do I have to complete all modules/parts online to get a certificate?
  • How long does an online course module/part usually take?
  • Where do I find the learning support resources that complement the online training?
  • How are my results recorded?
  • Why won’t my results save and let me access my certificate?
  • I have completed the course, yet it won’t let me print my certificate. Why?
  • Why does my course keep ‘freezing’?
  • The modules are taking a long time to download. Why?
  • Why can’t I resume my training?
  • How do I pay for a surf sports online course?
  • My Chief Training Officer has tried to allocate me a course, but cannot find me in the eLearning system. Why is this?
  • How do I provide feedback?

SLSA eLearning User Guide v11 Jan 2020

SLSNSW-specific online courses are within the SLSNSW Category of the ‘Training Library’.

Examples include:

  • Supplementary Learning for Patrol Captains
  • Online TAF Pre-Season Module
  • BM Online Induction for TAFs.

SLSNSW Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators with a current ‘LMS Access’ award in SurfGuard can view the SLS eLearning Platform’s Report Menu.

SLS Clubs and Branches can allocate this award in SurfGuard (or extend its 12-month proficiency) by raising the appropriate assessment request in SurfGuard.

First-time allocation:

Assessment type: Award

Assessment type: Other

Award: LMS Access


Assessment type: Proficiency (or Bulk Proficiency)

Assessment type: Other

Award: LMS Access


To learn more about the different SLS eLearning report options, please refer to the latest SLSA eLearning User Guide v11 Jan 2020

IT Support

If you still need help after reading the above, please log a support ticket.

Ideally, each member experiencing an issue should log an individual support ticket as each person’s situation is unique. More examples provided increase the likelihood of an issue being resolved sooner.

Be sure to include as much detail as possible, including any screenshots and information about the digital device and web browser used when you experienced any technical issues. This valuable information will help the SLSA IT team find the root cause of an issue, determine how many other members any issue may impact, prioritise the issue’s resolution and update the SLSA IT Helpdesk website FAQs and system status as quickly as possible.

After raising a support ticket, you can check its status or monitor your email inbox and spam folder closely for an email reply.

Remember, the more support tickets raised with detailed information assists the team to resolve any potential issues for all members sooner rather than later.


Feedback and Enhancement Suggestions

Thanks to members’ feedback and enhancement suggestions, the SLS eLearning platform and Learning App are continuously improving. This continuous improvement is supported by SLSNSW Education Systems and Applications Working Group members.

No matter how big or small your idea is, we’d love to hear from you by completing the eLearning Feedback and Enhancement Suggestions form below.


If you require any further information, please contact the SLSNSW Training and Education Team who are available to help during regular business hours.