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Not only are our Junior Members integral for our pipeline to future Active membership, but by providing Nipper programs Surf Life Saving Clubs are ensuring that the next generation learns valuable life skills and knowledge which one day might save their life, or even perhaps the life of another.

The content on this webpage is aimed at Age Managers, Junior Activity Chairs and others involved in the delivery of the Nippers program. If you are a parent looking for more information about nippers for your child, check out our ‘Become a Nipper’ page for some of the most frequently asked questions!

The following resources have been developed to provide an overview of the key information Age Managers and Junior Activity Chairs need to be aware of in relation to the Nippers program;

If you are looking for examples of parent information packs, junior activity calendars or any other resources, please contact the SLSNSW Membership Team.

For delivery in season 2023/24 resources have been developed to support clubs to run Come and Try activities. These resources are targeted to the nipper age groups 5-13 years of age. Please access the Bulletin and the Supporting Guide for additional information and frequently asked questions.

Surf Life Saving is committed to providing a safe environment for children and young people. The organisation’s Safeguarding Children and Young People Program provides a framework of policies, procedures, resources and education to support clubs in meeting this commitment.

Some of the key links and resources that you will need to be aware of are listed below:

Age Managers are the volunteers who deliver the Nippers program to children aged between 5-13 years. They create a fun, safe learning environment while developing future surf lifesavers through the building of knowledge, skills and confidence. Age Managers should reference the Age Guides in planning their weekly program.

Clubs are encouraged to promote a uniform for Age Managers to ensure they are easily identifiable for nippers, parents and members of the public. Age Manager uniforms are also a great sponsorship opportunity! Uniforms should follow sun safety guidelines and include a broad brim hat, long sleeve shirt or rash vest branded with ‘Age Manager’, long shorts and protective sunglasses.

To Become an Age Manager follow the Age Manager Process and Resources.

Further information for Age Managers can be found in the Role Description and Sport Australia – Behaviour Tips. All other Age Manager Resources are located in the Members Area.

The national Junior Development Program includes lessons and resources that are tailored to each different age group. The program covers a diverse range of skills from body surfing to catching waves on a board to first aid, CPR and the surf environment.

The program is based on participatory evaluation and not assessed on competence; this means children must only be actively involved in each of the lessons to be eligible for their relevant Surf Education award. The program provides a pathway of learning towards the Surf Rescue Certificate, which members can begin training towards from the age of 13.

Use the links below to access the relevant Age Guides for each age group. Additional resources such as work sheets, record sheets and award summaries can be found via the SLSA Members Area.

Junior Activity Chairs are the volunteers who work closely with the club management team to plan and coordinate the program of junior activities, including Nippers, for the club each season. They work closely with Age Managers and assist them to carry out their roles effectively.

For more information about the role of a Junior Activity Chair, check out the Role Description.

Last season a Junior Activity Chair course was rolled out across NSW, which is now a mandatory requirement for all JAC’s. The Junior Activity Management Training videos are available to watch on YouTube. Prior to the season start, both new and existing JAC’s will need to ensure they have current skills to allow club nippers to commence. Please refer to the JAC Course Factsheet and speak to your Branch Director of Member Services for further information.

SLSA Nipper App Training

A ‘Nipper App’ has been introduced by SLSA this season and will be accessible via the Members Area once members have attended the Nipper App training and SLSA have granted access.  Approved Age Managers and JACs can manage Nipper age groups, check members in and out, approve preliminary and/or competition skills evaluations and approve Nipper awards.  JACs can manage and assign Age Manager access to the App via Surfguard.

Nipper App training was provided to clubs in September and details of this training is below. Anyone who was not able to attend the training can watch the recording available below and contact the SLSNSW membership team who will work with Branches and Clubs to allocate access.

Course Name Date and Time Presenter Registration
SLSA Nipper App Training Tues, 5 September 6.00-6 :30pm Rebecca Cocks, SLSA Nipper App Recording


One of the most important responsibilities of a club is to ensure there that water activities are conducted in a safe manner. Water Safety Personnel (WSP) are qualified and proficient lifesavers who provide surveillance and assistance in the water if required with lifesaving equipment. They are supported by a Water Safety Supervisor (WSS).

For more information about the role of a Water Safety Supervisor, check out the Role Description.

The following documents will also be of assistance:

The Junior Development Program provides the skills needed to compete in junior surf sports events. Competition plays an important role in helping to strengthen and develop the skills of surf lifesavers.

From the age of 7 (Under 8s) juniors may begin to compete in inter‐club competition. To ensure all junior members who wish to compete have the required ability, strength, and fitness to safely participate, they must be able to complete the competition evaluation for their age group.

The Junior Board Guide can assist with understanding which craft is used at each age group.

If your club is interested in running additional training sessions outside of nippers (e.g. mid-week or pre-season), check out the Mid-week Training Factsheet for the requirements that relate to this.

You can also access a range of resources to assist with coaching juniors, including a number of videos and some general coaching tips via this Dropbox link.

We encourage feedback from all members, families and communities on the SLSNSW approach to Child Safety

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