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Keep an eye on your emails and ClubMail announcements as the team is currently working alongside volunteer members on the following key projects to honour their commitment to continuous improvements.

Information about SLSNSW training and education projects is also included in the annual TAF Pre-Season Online Module.

Contact your Branch Director of Education for more information and to express your interest to contribute more directly towards any specific project.

In Progress

New SLSA Assessing App enhancements have been released for the 2022/23 season to support the timely and efficient recording of skills maintenance.SLSNSW is working with Branch Directors of Education to support education teams gain insights into these new features and how the app can help them to reduce time spent administering skills maintenance.

Visit our SLSNSW Assessing App webpage to learn more.

The national education and lifesaving committees completed the SLSA Silver Medallion Beach Management award review in June 2022.

This review resulted in the establishment of a new Silver Medallion Patrol Captain award that provides patrolling members with the skills and knowledge required to confidently manage a beach and patrol as a Surf Life Saving Patrol Captain.

The roll-out phase status as of February 2023 is outlined below:

  1. Establish the education team’s capacity to deliver the new course – COMPLETE
  2. Deliver SMPC course to new patrol captains during the 2022/23 season – IN PROGRESS – Contact your local SLSNSW Branch Director of Education to learn about when the next SMPC is scheduled in your area.
  3. Establish a shorter bridging course option for experienced Patrol Captains who will greatly benefit from gap training opportunities in future – IN PROGRESS


The national education and lifesaving committees have commenced the SLSA Powercraft Training Delivery, and Resource Review with an initial survey sent out to all Clubs via ClubMail in December 2021 and January 2022.

The review phase status as of February 2023 is outlined below:

  1. Curriculum development – COMPLETE
  2. Development of separate IRB and RWC training manuals – IN PROGRESS
  3. Course resource design – IN PROGRESS

Speak to your Branch Directors of Education and Lifesaving for more information, plus keep an eye out for any announcements in the SLSNSW ClubMail and SLSA circulars.

SLSNSW is working with Branch Directors of Education to review the capacity of club and branch training and education teams across NSW. The outcomes of this review informs sustainability plans to help more members become trainers and assessors and consequently ensure the continued professional delivery of life saving SLS courses across NSW.

Subsidised Assessor and Facilitator training is now available for the 2022/23 season. Refer to our Become a Trainer, Assessor or Facilitator webpage and your local Branch Director of Education for more information.


By June 2024, new and existing patrolling members performing in the role of an Advanced Resuscitation Operator on patrol are required to hold the SLSA Advanced Resuscitation Techniques (‘ART’) award that has HLTAID011 Provide First Aid as a prerequisite unit of competency.

SLSNSW is working with Branch Directors of Education to establish and monitor new guidelines for delivering First Aid training in NSW to support the staged transition of members to this new award between 2021-2024.

Members that already hold a current HLTAID011 yet do not have it appear on their SurfGuard records are encouraged to send copies of their first aid certificates to the SLSNSW Training and Education Team via this online SLSNSW Members Credit Transfer Request Form.

SLSNSW is leading a review of the current Probationary TAF Induction process that members progress through before independently delivering a SLS course.

They are also reviewing the criteria, and processes members go through to act in the current ‘Mentor’ role that guides Probationary TAFs through their induction.

The project phase status as of February 2023 is outlined below:

  1. COMPLETEOver 280 TAF Mentors are now acknowledged in SurfGuard.

Coming Soon

  • Roll-out of new SLSA IRB Crewperson course content
  • Roll-out of  new SLSA Silver Medallion IRB Driver course content
  • Roll-out of new SLSA RWC Operator course content
  • Blended Delivery Options for the Training Officer Certificate


  • Roll-out of the new SLSA Surf Rescue Certificate and Bronze Medallion Courses
  • Online BM induction for Probationary BM Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators
  • Training equipment audit (including supply of subsidised training equipment to help meet minimum requirements)


If you require any further information, please contact the SLSNSW Training and Education Team via