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Member protection is a term widely used in the Australian sports industry to describe the practices that sporting organisations put in place to protect their members from discrimination, harassment, abuse and other inappropriate behaviour. Member protection is important for any member-based club – both being proactive and reactive. It allows members to take part in activities in a positive and safe environment.

Each year, all SLS members sign the SLSA membership form which binds them to SLS policies such as the Member Protection and Child Safe policies.

Member Protection Team Structure

To ensure that clubs are set up to support members and adhere to SLS’s member protection policies, SLSNSW recommends the following Member Protection Team structure, which has the member as the central point with a number of welfare roles to support.

Three key roles are:


The Member Protection Toolkit is designed to assist Member Protection Information Officers, Complaints Managers, Child Safe Co-ordinators and Club Committees to structure a team that is able to deal effectively with member protection issues.

All training workshops have been completed for the 2023/24 season. For support and advice regarding member protection and complaints, please contact

The Online Complaints System User Guide is a guide for Complaints Managers

Please ensure that you have familiarised yourself with the Complaints Resolution Policy and Flowchart prior to lodging your complaint or grievance. Lodge a complaint here.