This webpage is for our volunteer SLSNSW Trainers, Assessors and Facilitators that help ensure the ongoing sustainability and delivery of vital lifesaving training in NSW.

TAF Re-endorsement Checklist

The following is a pre-season checklist of requirements for TAF re-endorsement as of 2021.

Learn what is happening in SLS and what’s changing this season.

Access the SLSNSW Pre-season Information Pack on the SLSNSW website.

Learn and demonstrate the latest training techniques and be introduced to the latest training / patrol equipment used by lifesavers.

Check out the following manufacturer resource examples:

Renew the SLS award you want to deliver as per the latest SLSNSW Skills Maintenance Circular.

Access the latest SLSNSW skills maintenance circular and other important skills maintenance resources via the SLSNSW Skills Maintenance Resource Links Document

TAFs are encouraged to complete their SLSNSW Skills maintenance requirements earlier in the season.

For each award in SurfGuard, please allow up to four weeks to have its proficiency date extended from when you have completed all its skills maintenance requirements.

Remember, skills maintenance only renews an SLSA award’s currency. It does not renew any units of competency.

Renew the Units of Competency you want to deliver as required.

For example:

  • BM, SRC and Resuscitation TAFs need to renew the HLTAID009 each year.
  • BM TAFs need to renew their HLTAID010 every three years.
  • ART TAFs need to renew their HLTAID015 each year each year.
  • ART TAFs and First Aid Facilitators need to renew their HLTAID011 every three years.

Check out for more information on the latest HLTAID units.

Take 30 minutes before the end of the year to learn something new about SLS training and assessment and unlock the online TAF Re-endorsement Form.

Access the TAF Pre-season online module via the SLS Members Area eLearning menu or SLSA Learning App.

Take 5 mins before the end of the year to complete this form and let SLSNSW know which SLS courses you want to deliver this season. The form will check if you have completed the TAF re-endorsement requirements.

Access the TAF Re-endorsement Form via the SLS Members Area Forms menu.

Note – This form takes 7 – 14 working days to process once submitted.

Remember the save button does not submit your re-endorsement form. Ensure you have hit the ‘submit’ button.

Special Notes For...

Emergency Care Module and Certificate II Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue) Core Unit Requirements

The PUA20119 – Certificate II in Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue) has HLTAID010 Provide Basic Emergency Care as a core unit as of 23rd March 2022.

Bronze Medallion TAFs who have completed a First Aid Course aligned to HLTAID011 Provide first aid can complete the below credit transfer form to get their HLTAID010 into SurfGuard if this core unit of competency or the latest Certificate II Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue) is not already showing on their SLS Members Area Awards list.

SLSNSW Members Credit Transfer Form

Bronze Medallion TAFs no longer need to RPL their HLTAID011 to the superseded HLTAID003 and HLTAID002 units of competency to train and assess the BM.

Resuscitation Module Requirements

The BM training and assessment strategy allows BM TAFs to deliver the SLSA BM, SRC and Resuscitation award. It also provides members with an exit strategy of the SLSA Resuscitation award.

As such, BM TAFs must obtain and annually renew their HLTAID009 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation unit of competency to deliver the BM, SRC and/or Resuscitation award.

Bronze Medallion Induction

If you did not complete the BM online induction in 2020, or are a new BM TAF you will need to complete the new online BM induction 2021. This is located in the eLearning platform within the SLS Members Area.

Certificate II Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue) Transition

Bronze Medallion TAFs are currently transitioning to the latest Certificate II Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue). Depending on which version of the Certificate II they currently have in SurfGuard, they can use one of the forms below to complete their transition.

SLSNSW BM TAF PUA21012 to PUA20119 Credit Transfer Form

SLSNSW BM TAF PUA21010 to PUA20119 Credit Transfer Form

If you obtained your Certificate II Public Safety (Aquatic Rescue) before 2010 and have not already transitioned to the certificate II versions released in 2010 or 2012, please complete the latest Certificate II assessment using the SRC and BM/Cert II RPL Kit to transition to the current version.

The HLTAID units have been the subject of a full review, the first time since they were initially endorsed in 2013. This review included SLSA as a representative on the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC).

Some significant outcomes of this review include:

  1. New unit codes will be allocated to you and members from this season when renewing or obtaining HTLAID units of competency
  2. The unit HLTAID011 Provide First Aid is now a prerequisite for HLTAID015 Provide advanced resuscitation and oxygen therapy.
  3. An additional assessment requirement utilising specialist training equipment for severe life-threatening bleeding.

To align with the continuous improvements resulting from this review, in addition to the latest ARC updates, please note the following changes in the SLS Members Area Document Library (SLSNSW Organisation Level):

  1. New ART course resources have been updated to align with HLTAID015, including the new Assessment Task 5, references to new specialised training equipment, and a new online theory assessment option.
  2. All former SLS ‘ART [AID]’ award resources that align with the superseded HLTAID007 were removed from use on 1 October 2021.

As we progress through this HLTAID transition together, please note that former ‘ART [AID]’ TAFs cannot train and/or assess the new ‘ART’ award.

All ‘ART [AID]’ TAFs in NSW may be assigned the new SLS ‘ART’ and ‘ART’ TAF awards AFTER their HLTAID015 appears on their SLS Members Area Awards list.

Your Branch Director of Education will be assisting your CTO arrange HLTAID transition sessions in your region as required. Speak with your SLSC CTO or Branch Director of Education for more information about how the HLTAID transition relates to you.

Following the outcomes of a national review concerning the SLS award framework, SLSA has retired the Silver Medallion Advanced First Aid and Pain Management awards from its suite of awards. As such, TAFs will not be able to re-endorse as per previous seasons for these awards starting from this 2021/22 season.

Speak to your Branch Director of Education for more information.

As per the SLSNSW Education SOPs, and to ensure that both legislative and quality assurance requirements continue to be met, SLSNSW continues to appoint RWC and TOC Facilitators on an annual basis.

From this 2021/22 season, the annual re-appointment process will also apply to SLS First Aid Facilitators in NSW.

October 2021
Please note that Expressions of Interest (EOI) will be released via email to current RWC, TOC and First Aid Facilitators. The online EOI will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

November 2021
All EOIs received will be reviewed in November by a review panel consisting of SLSNSW standing committee chairs and SLSNSW staff. This review will include consultation with Branch Directors.

December 2021
Everyone who submits an EOI will receive an email notification of their re-appointment outcome in December.

What support is available?

Your first point of contact for support is always your club Chief Training Officer (CTO).

Your CTO is supported by your Branch Director of Education (DoE) and Branch Administrator who also support TAFs in relation to training and education matters within your local region.

The SLSNSW Training and Education Team is also available to support you, TAFs, CTOs and DoEs across NSW.


Please ensure:

  • You have completed the TAF Pre-season Online Module for this season.Note: After completing the online pre-season module, allow up to 1 hour for the data to sync across before you try and complete the re-endorsement form.
  • Your TAF awards show an expiry date of 31/12/2021 in your SLS Members Area Awards list.
  • You hold current SLS awards and units of competency associated with the award you are delivering.

After you have submitted your Online TAF Re-endorsement Form via the SLSA Members Area Forms menu, please allow 7-14 working days for the SLSNSW Training and Education Team to process your TAF re-endorsement.

Does your SLS award’s expiry date show as the end of next year?

If no, follow up with your SLSC Administrator to see when your skills maintenance results will be processed.

Did you accidentally click the save button instead of the SUBMIT button?

If yes, please log back into the members area to view your form and click submit so the training and education team can process your form submission.

The TAF Pre-season Online Module is available on the SLS eLearning Platform that can be accessed via the SLSA Members Area eLearning menu or the SLSA Learning app.

  • SLS Members Area access Log in to the SLS Members Area, select the SLS eLearning menu, click the login button.
  • SLSA Learning App access – Open the SLSA Learning app, enter your SLS Members Area login details.

After logging into the SLS eLearning platform, go to Training Library, scroll down to SLSNSW, click on View Courses, locate the TAF Pre-season Online Module (2021/22), then click the Enrol button and follow the prompts.

Following it’s release, the Online TAF Re-endorsement Form can be accessed via the SLSA Members Area Forms menu. Log in to your SLSA Members Area account, Select the Forms menu, click on Add Submission within the drop down. Complete the form as required, double-check your information then click SUBMIT.

Remember the save button does not submit your re-endorsement form. Ensure you have hit the ‘submit’ button.

You may not be able to see or re-endorse some of your TAF awards due to:

  • Your TAF awards are not expiring
  • Some SLSA awards are being retired this 2021-2022 Season and therefore their TAF awards will also be retired, e.g., SMBM, SMAFA, Pain Management.
  • You have transitioned from a Trainer and an Assessor to a Facilitator therefore you only need to re-endorse as a Facilitator.
  • You have transitioned from an Endorsed Assessor to an Assessor therefore you only need to re-endorse as an Assessor.
  • Facilitator RWC, Facilitator Training Officer and Facilitator First Aid awards do not use the Online TAF Re-endorsement Form as part of their re-endorsement process. These awards follow a re-appointment process.

TAFs are required to be endorsed by the SLS state entity within each state/territory they deliver SLS training and assessment.

All TAFs in NSW are required to meet the endorsement and re-endorsement process outlined in the SLSNSW Member Training and Education Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Each SLS state centre has its own unique Education SOPs. They help ensure RTO standards are met, in addition to state-specific requirements, policies and legislation, e.g., SLSNSW requires TAFs to be proficient in the award they are training and/or assessing.

An overview of updates to the SOPs and any new state-specific requirements form part of the TAF re-endorsement process for SLSNSW.

Prerequisite awards highlighted in red indicate that the required prerequisite is not yet entered into your SurfGuard records.

Cancel the request and return to complete the form after you have completed the prerequisite and it shows on your SLS Members Area Awards List.

If you have obtained the prerequisite listed in red with an external RTO organisation, please forward a copy of your Statement of Attainment or Certificate to The SLSNSW Training and Education Team will be able to credit transfer and update your SurfGuard records accordingly.

Remember to allow some time for the volunteer administrators in your area to process your awards, and to update your units of competency as required (e.g., HLTAID009, HLTAID015).

Note – Either the BM Online Induction v2020 OR the BM Online Induction v2021 is a prerequisite for BM TAFs and therefore must appear listed in your form in Black.

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