In training and education, our activities and assessment results are primarily recorded on paper. There are many downsides to paperwork processes including the cost and time to print, collate, post, file, process, scan, upload and retain.

As part of our commitment to streamlining and simplifying our current processes, the SLS Assessing App has been developed to improve efficiency, learner’s experience and how we operate in training and education.

SLSNSW in collaboration with SLSA have developed a series of videos and resources to assist you navigate within app.

‘How to’ videos for Endorsed Delegates, Assessors & Facilitators

'How to' video for members participating in Skills Maintenance

Please be aware that the interface within app may look slightly different to what’s shown in videos due to version updates.

Your Feedback Matters

We’d like to hear about your user experience with the app!

Your feedback will help us understand your needs and improve the features as we move to the next stage of development.

Please note: If you are experience difficulties with the app functionality, please contact the SLSA IT Helpdesk.