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As a member of your Club Executive, it is important that you keep up to date with changes and best practice across the organisation, both within your portfolio (if you have one) and outside of it.

The following tools, resources and platforms will help you to stay informed of any key changes which may affect your club.

SLSNSW Pre-season Information Pack

The Surf Life Saving NSW Pre-season Information Pack is released in August each year and provides you with the following for the season ahead:

  • Changes to policies or procedures
  • Links to key reference material to review prior to the season
  • Key tasks to complete before the season starts
  • Key dates to be aware of

The information is divided into the following sections:

  • Education – aimed at Chief Training Officers and Directors of Education
  • Membership – aimed at Directors of Member Services, Junior Activity Chairs and MPIOs
  • Development – aimed at Presidents, Directors of Administration and Treasurers
  • Surf Sports – aimed at Directors of Surf Sports
  • Lifesaving – aimed at Club Captains and Directors of Lifesaving

Workplace by Facebook for Club Executives

There are online networking platforms for Club and Branch Directors of Administration and Registrars to network, communicate and collaborate with others from across SLSNSW. Other members of the Club Executive may also find these networks useful.

Club Mail

A weekly newsletter sent every Thursday to members who have subscribed to it with news, information and updates. Club Mail is often the first place where you will see circulars issued by SLSA or SLSNSW.

If you don’t receive Club Mail, you can subscribe online. If you want to see the most recent circulars or news which has been issued, visit the News and Circulars sections of the SLSNSW website.

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