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With the 2018 Envirobank Country Championships just around the corner we profile some of those athletes looking to make an impact when competition gets underway at South West Rocks.

If you happen to find yourself at the beach track during the Country Championships you might just make out a flash of colour as Noah Waldock speeds past.

The talented youngster has been involved in the sport for the last five years and while he competes in water events it is the sand where he shines best.

He already possesses four Country Championship medals in his collection and regularly finishes on the podium in the local Fastest Man on Sand events.

Adept at both beach sprinting and in the flags, Noah Waldock is hoping for a successful competition at the 2018 Country Championships.


Noah Waldock


Ballina Lighthouse & Lismore SLSC

Age Group:


Events planning to contest:

Flags, beach sprint, surf swim, ironman

Previous appearances or results at Country Champs:

2017 Country

Flags (3rd), beach sprint (3rd), finalist in surf swim

2016 Country 

Flags, beach sprint (2nd), surf swim finalist

How long have you been involved in surf lifesaving?

5 years

What do you enjoy most about being a member of a surf lifesaving club?

Hanging out with friends, learning new skills & being outdoors. There is always something fun to do.

How has your training been going for the Country Championships?

Really well, I’m lucky to have so many great coaches at my club – Natalie Osmond my sprint coach has been training us hard twice a week and so has my board coach Will Keane. Every week they push us to be the best.

What are your goals for the Championships and the rest of the season?

I’d really like to medal in the beach sprint and flags at country and make to a final in the beach sprint and flags at state. I was one heat off making it to the final for both flags and sprint last year so I’ve been training hard to better my results for this year.

Do you have any pre-event superstitions or preparations?

I get all my gear ready the night before and lay it on my bed also a food ritual I have is eating pasta the night before competing then having a banana and porridge the morning of competing.

What are you most looking forward to about Country Championships?

The atmosphere on the sprint track and catching up with friends from other clubs.

Are there any surf athletes you admire or have found to be an inspiration and why?

Bradley Hunt is someone I really look up to. He’s a beachie and is really, really fast! I got to train with him a couple of times which was really cool. I also think Ali Day is a legend! He makes competing look really easy.


Thursday 1 February 2018