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A rock fisher has been transported to hospital in an extremely serious condition after being pulled from the water at Little Bay in Sydney earlier on Sunday.

The male understood to be in his 50s was fishing at the popular spot when he was swept off the rocks shortly before midday.

With the alarm raised an immediate multi-agency response was launched. Council Lifeguards from nearby Maroubra Beach were first on-scene, while the Westpac Helicopter, Police and Paramedics also mobilised.

Surf Lifesaving assets including the Off-Shore Rescue Boat, and Sydney Duty officers were also tasked to attend and provide additional support.

After about 10 minutes the man was spotted unconscious in the water and was being held up by a flotation device.

He was pulled from the water and rushed to shore with CPR treatment being continuously performed by first responders.

Eventually his condition improved enough for him to be transported to hospital where he remains.

Conditions at the time of the incident have been described as challenging with a moderate swell and choppy waves making things difficult for the anglers who braved the conditions.

Fortunately visibility was good during the search part of the operation and the man was in the water for a short period.

NSW CEO Steven Pearce praised the quick actions of the responders.

“Our thoughts are with the man’s family and friends at this time but it was very pleasing to see how well all the agencies worked together in a small time frame to not only locate the man, but to give him such professional treatment, and the best possible chance of survival.

“Everyone is hoping for a positive outcome,” said Mr Pearce.

“What this incident does reinforce is how important it is for rock fishers to wear approved life jackets while out fishing as things can happen very quickly as we saw today,” he concluded.

General Rock Fishing Safety Tips:

• Check the weather, surf conditions and tides before going fishing

• Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back

• Always wear a lifejacket

• Wear appropriate non-slip footwear and light clothing

• Always fish with a friend

• Check the warnings signs for information about the area

• Never turn your back to the water

• Do not try and retrieve anything that has fallen into the water

• Do not jump in if someone falls into the water - wait for assistance or throw an ‘Angel Ring’ or Lifebuoy if there is one nearby • Additionally boaters are urged to always check conditions prior and to log on with their local Marine Rescue Base via radio or using the MarineRescue App. Visit more information

• Call Triple Zero – Police to report an in-water emergency

Sunday 31 December 2017