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International Water Safety Day is 15 May each year. This year Surf Life Saving NSW has launched Babar’s story to mark the annual day of water safety awareness. The video takes viewers on a coastal experience that is shared by many inexperienced visitors to the beach. While the journey, in this case, is undertaken by a family from a culturally and linguistically diverse community. It is a story shared by those from our regional and remote communities along with many from our cities. Babar’s story aims to teach our communities that beach safety starts at home.

Babar’s story is not a tragic one instead, a common story that represents many of our multicultural communities. Like many of the individuals and families that come to Australia for a better life, the coast and our amazing beaches are some of the most endearing and fascinating aspects of Australian life, something we encourage our communities to get involved in and enjoy.

Babar reached out to us following an incident at Seal Rocks where he struggled against the large swell. While Babar and his family enjoyed trips to the beach almost every weekend, the family never truly considered the dangers and risks associated with the ocean.

After Babar managed to escape the water at the unpatrolled beach, he decided that he needed to do more to protect his family from a similar situation. Babar now understands the importance of planning and preparation to ensure a safe day at the beach for himself and his family and has joined us to help spread the vital message that we cannot take our safety for granted, and we can all take steps to ensure we keep ourselves and our families safe at the beach - Beach safety starts at home.

More videos and other multicultural resources are being developed by the Community Education Team. If you have enquiries about community education, particularly how you can initiate your own local programs please contact the team at