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A 70 year old man has been brought back to life by Bondi surf lifesavers in a lengthy resuscitation exercise today.

Around 11.20am today the Bondi Patrol radioed the State Operations Centre to report a CPR in progress on a man suffering a suspected cardiac arrest. Members of the public alerted the patrol team after noticing the man gasping for breath and collapsed on the sand near the Bondi Pavilion.

Assisted by two members of the public who are doctors, the patrol team began CPR while the defibrillator was applied.

Miraculously, after 10 cycles of shock were administered using the defib, the team detected a weak heartbeat and shallow breathing.

Paramedics and Police arrived soon after and the patient was transported to hospital.

"This is a fantastic outcome and we really hope the gentleman will be ok," said Surf Life Saving CEO Steven Pearce.

"A rapid response, great training and good teamwork among our volunteers and first responders from the public have given him every chance of survival, which is what we are here for after all."


Saturday 7 April 2018