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Krishna Dewa is just 11 years old and is Bondi SBLSC’s youngest state medallist. In 2020 he won the first-ever Age Championships title for his club in the Under 9s Beach Flags.

We were there as Krishna moved through the finals and can still remember the smile that shone from his sand-covered face after raising the winning flag. It’s pretty exciting to hear he’s returning to try to take out back-to-back titles one year since his historic results on the beach.

Krishna we’re so stoked to hear you’re returning to State Champs this year, moving up into the Under 10. What do you love about the beach events?

Yes, thank you! I will try out for the Beach Sprint again and the Beach Flags. I prefer the Flags because I find it more fun and exciting because its mostly about reaction time and you have to sprint which is very fun.

Tell us about how you felt after winning the first-ever gold medal from your club last year?

I felt excited and I felt thrilled. It made me feel better about competing, have more confidence and it made me more determined.

What kind of training do you do to prepare for State Champs?

I train three times a week. One day of beach training and two days on the grass. I like my training and the people I do it with and I also get to meet new people. My beach training is at Bondi and my grass training us at Centennial Park.

Are the beach events your specialty, do you compete in anything else?

I don’t really do any other events besides Flags and Sprints but I’m part of the relay team too. But I do surf – North Bondi is my pick for waves.

What’s the best thing about going to State Champs for you?

The best bit is that you get to meet so many new people and you can compete against all these new people you didn’t know before and you can do well if you train hard.

Why do you think doing sport when you’re a kid so important?

It’s important because you can learn new things about keeping healthy and you learn skills about yourself. I play AFL and do Little Athletics too. This (Surf Sports) is my favourite sport though. I love competing for myself, my family and for my club.

What do you love about being part of your club at Bondi?

Everyone is supportive and there are new people every day. I also get to keep fit and healthy while I do it.