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Surf clubs are renowned for uniting for a common purpose and for one Sydney Club when they heard one of their own was in need there was never any doubt that they would help out in any way they could.   

Earlier this month thieves broke into the Narooma SLSC club house stealing a tablet device, radio sets along with the charges (worth $800), and stock from the canteen.

The theft of the radios was of most concern given their vital importance in patrol radios and while replacements were able to be sourced it would take some time to sort out the logistics.

When North Cronulla heard of the situation they were more than happy to make available spare radio transmitters for the Far South Coast club to use.

“It took us about a second to decide to help out and we were more than happy to provide Narooma with some of our old radios,” said North Cronulla Patrol Captain Kane Hughes.

“As lifesavers we are aware of our responsibilities to the community and the opportunity to help one of our fellow clubs in their time of need was something we felt was important to do,” he said.

Thanks to North Cronulla’s generosity Narooma were able to have this vital part of their patrol commitment on hand during what ultimately proved to be a hot day at the beach.


Friday 22 December 2017