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The job of a patrolling lifesaver is always varied as you never know what challenges can be thrown up each weekend, but at the core of everything our volunteers do is to help people with one young member recently showing how it’s done.

Last Saturday 14-year-old Riley Green from Ballina Lighthouse and Lismore Surf Club had just started his afternoon on patrol on what was an extremely hot autumn day when was approached by two elderly women who were requiring assistance.

As it turned out one of the women was an avid fan of going to the beach but had not been able to attend for over a year after undergoing double knee surgery.

Sensing her nervousness about returning to the beach, and despite being one of the more inexperienced members on duty that day Riley immediately offered to escort the woman down to the water.

Patrol Captain Richie Miles who has also taught Riley in the past said the kind gesture was typical of the type of kid that the teenager is.

“A lot of teenagers would be too self-conscious to do something like this. Riley is a great kid and immediately put his hand up to help nobody made him do it.

“It was fantastic to see the lady enjoy herself in an activity that she clearly loved, and he even helped her cool off in the water as well.

Riley alongside three other young SRC members are highly regarded as the future of the proud Northern NSW club.

“Patrol 11 is very much a family patrol with the teenagers learning the ropes alongside their parents. It’s great as it’s something everyone can do together and they are all making a contribution to the club and should be very proud of their efforts,” said Richie Miles.


Thursday 22 March 2018