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Congratulations to the four Directors who have been re-elected to the Surf Life Saving NSW Board for a further two year term.

Successful in retaining their current positions are:

  • President - George Shales OAM

  • Director of Surf Sport - Don van Keimpema OAM

  • Director of Education - Tony Waller

  • Director of Finance - Paul Bolton

“I’m humbled and proud to have been re-elected,” said President George Shales. “It is a great privilege for me to continue to provide support and leadership to our 75,000 volunteer members in NSW at an extremely challenging but exciting time.

“This year we’ve experienced bushfires, floods and now a pandemic, which have all had a significant impact on our members and clubs. A priority of the Board will be working on ensuring we are providing guidance to our members as they continue to support and protect the community.

“I’m particularly proud to provide the recent surf club rescue package valued at 1.2M. This will benefit all 129 clubs and 11 branches and will ensure our members are supported to re-engage with our great organisation.”

Along with reviewing the existing Strategic Plan for SLSNSW, the Board will ensure the strategic direction of the organisation remains current and relevant for the next three years.

“Another priority is continuing our work over the last seven months to achieve an updated constitution which will enable us to meet the current governance requirements of an organisation operating in 2020,” said George Shales.

The election of Board members by the NSW State Council was successfully held via an electronic voting process for the first time.


Wedesday 29 July 2020