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The 2021 NSW Lifesaving Championships continue to draw the top lifesavers in the state to compete in the Rescue & Resuscitation (R&R), First Aid, Patrol Competition and Champion Lifesaver events. 


The aim of the Champion Patrol event is to demonstrate how lifesavers work as a team in performing some or all of the skills associated with surf rescue patrol work. Team members in the Champion Patrol event must be members of the same club, but not necessarily be from the same club patrol.

The Champion Patrol event is divided into four sections and the maximum points allocation (120 points) through;

  1. Physical Skills 20 points

    Surf Teams (10 points maximum) • Board/Tube Rescue Relay Race (10 points maximum)

  2. Theory 20 points

    Written paper (20 points maximum)

  3. Resuscitation 20 points

    Live Patient Assessment and Manikin Resuscitation (20 points maximum)

  4. Scenario Task 60 points

    Lifesaving task (60 points maximum)

Teams must complete 50% or more of the physical events and attempt all theory, resuscitation and scenario tasks in order to be eligible for a place. If they don't meet these requirements they are disqualified from the event.


Open Mixed Patrol Competition - Freshwater Team A

Julia Baker, James Crittenden, Tahlia Dearden, Andrea Malm, Paul Milinkovic, Emily Thorton

Under 17 Mixed Patrol Competition - Newport Team A

San Capell, Emma Carroll, Travis Cox, Kai Raffles


The Champion Lifesaver event provides individual SLSA members with the opportunity to demonstrate in a competitive manner the physical, lifesaving and knowledge skills required of a Lifesaver.

Each competitor must provide equipment, which shall be available for use by them at the commencement of the competition: One rescue board or Malibu racing board, one rescue tube, one pair of swim fins (optional), one adult resuscitation manikin.

The Champion Lifesaver event is determined on a point score basis with the competitor scoring the highest points being declared the winner. The total maximum points available are 120.

The three sections that comprise the Champion Lifesaver events are:

  • Physical Skills 40 points

    Surf Race, Board Race, Beach Sprint, Rescue Tube Rescue (10 points each)

  • Questionnaire 40 points

    The theory paper section will consist of 40 Multiple Choice Questions derived from the current edition of the SLSA Public Safety and Aquatic Rescue Manual. 30-minute time limit. 

  • Resuscitation 40 points 

    Part A: a live patient assessment including lateral position (20 points maximum)

    Part B: One person CPR on a manikin (20 points maximum)

Competitors must complete 50% or more of the physical events and attempt all theory and resuscitation tasks in order to be eligible for a place, if not they are disqualified from the event.


Open Male Champion Lifesaver - Blake Lovely, Manly LSC

Open Female Champion Lifesaver - Jemma Smith, Newport SLSC

U19 Male Champion Lifesaver - Lachlan Braddish, Umina SLSC

U19 Female Champion Lifesaver - Sarah Murdoch, Manly LSC

U17 Male Champion Lifesaver - Ben Sutton, Wanda SLSC

U17 Female Champion Lifesaver - Bethwyn Caller, Umina SLSC

U15 Male Champion Lifesaver - Luca Stein, South Curl Curl SLSC

U15 Female Champion Lifesaver - Davara Marshall, Umina SLSC 

30-39 Male Champion Lifesaver - Shannon Job, North Steyne SLSC

30-39 Female Champion Lifesaver - Tara Johnson, Stockton SLSC

40+ Years Male Champion Lifesaver - Guyren Smith, Newport SLSC

40+ Years Female Champion Lifesaver - Kerry Armstrong-Smith, Umina SLSC


The first Aid competition is a team event designed to promote and to demonstrate a high standard of First Aid prowess by SLSA members in a team of two.

Each First Aid competition event has a set simulated accident scenario and a set time limit for each team in the event. The time limit is advised to teams prior to the start of the event. Each event is timed based on age division: Open & U/19 12 minutes, U/17 8 minutes, U/15 8 minutes.

Teams are required to examine their casualties, make their diagnosis and then treat the casualties using the materials provided and their first aid kit.

Judging at the competition is marked across five sections of the scenario with five sections equal to 100%:

  1. Approach to casualty 5%

  2. Examination of casualty and diagnosis of injuries 30%

  3. Specific points for all treatments 60%

  4. Disposal of casualty 10%

  5. Management of the incident 10%


Open Mixed First Aid - Freshwater SLSC

Julia Baker & Tahlia Dearden

U19 Mixed First Aid - Manly LSC

Jasmine Costello & Camilla Wacher

U17 Mixed First Aid - Freshwater SLSC

Finlay Miller & Luke Thornton

U15 Mixed First Aid - Freshwater SLSC 

Finley Hendry & Liam Lehane


The Rescue and Resuscitation (R&R) event, in its different forms, provides the opportunity for SLSA to demonstrate in a competitive manner, the original and developing methods of rescue as well as the modern techniques of resuscitation. There are various age divisions as well as a variation of procedures and formats which are aimed at combined patrol procedures, and an introduction of the younger member into the field of rescue and resuscitation which is, after all, the prime reason for SLSA’s existence.

The various formats the R&R competition takes are:

5 Person:

Where a team consists of five competitors – one acting as patient, one as beltman and rescuer and the other three as reel and line operators.

2 Person:

Where a team consists of two competitors – one acting as patient and the other as rescuer.

6 Person:

Where a team consists of six competitors – similar to 5 Person, with the sixth competitor utilising the rescue tube as an assistant to the beltman in the rescue.

For more information on the breakdown of R&R competition you can view the Competition Manual (6th Edition)


Open Male 5 Person R&R - Wanda SLSC

Brock Douglas, Colin Jones, Kurt Melville, Grant Sandstrom, Stuart Smith

Open Female 5 Person R&R - Coogee SLSC

Eliza Bodkin, Samantha Gately, Grace McDonald, Yasmin Stuetz, Bianca Wallace

U10-U11 2 Person R&R - Coogee SLSC

Margot Godfrey, Coco Sweeney

U12-U13 2 Person R&R - Collaroy SLSC

Cheyan Maulguet, Charlotte Sole

U12-U13-U14 5 Person R&R - North Cronulla SLSC

Kirra Hodge, Layla King, Milly Newton, Kate Newton, Lily Thearle