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Maureen Worth is a Life Member of North Narrabeen Surf Life Saving Club and has dedicated a lifetime of service to the Surf Life Saving movement. She is one of our inspirational members we're profiling this week as part of National Volunteers Week 2020.

How did you get involved in Surf Life Saving?

We lived in Manly and I used to go to Queensie but I married 'Worthy' (Bill Worth) who was in North Narrabeen and I’ve been there ever since.

We got married in 1958 and when Barry was eight and Brett was four and that’s when Bill took them down to Nippers and I went with them.

I was the four-year-old manager for some time and I progressed from there, been with the club ever since.

You and Bill spent much of your married life at the club – was it a partnership?

Bill was very involved and I would help with many things. I was Treasurer of the Nippers Association of Manly Warringah and that sort of thing. Wherever they needed help and I could assist – I did it.

Why have you chosen to continue your work with the club?

It’s my home. They’re my family. So, I still go. Once we got involved, we were there for the long haul. I’ve been the Secretary and I’ve done things like that.

Maureen Worth (second from right) marching in the Women's Colour Party at the 2020 NSW State Championships March Past

Did you get your Bronze Medallion?

I’ve done a few patrols. I did my bronze when I was 45. That was hilarious because some of the women, in 1985, wanted to get together to do it. And I said yeah okay - because I thought it wouldn’t go through. So, we ended up with a group of nine – a few blokes and a few women. Bill was the instructor and he made me get up to do my laps in the baths before I went to work to make sure I could swim. And we were the last people to do the line and belt before it went to scenarios and that sort of thing.

I think it was Anzac Day and it was up at Collaroy, with the big surf and shore dump, so we had to do the run-swim-run in eight minutes, but we all got through.

What’s your most rewarding club memory?

I think when we got the new club grant. We got the new club because the old one was only little. The men got together and they built the top section. So, I think that was tremendous the way everyone pulled together. That’s one of my standout things. Not many clubs do that.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

It gives you an outlet and you make friends and you have fun if you want to. Go for it!

What’s your favourite State Champs memory?

When we had the state champs ourselves. And in those days you’d come off the beach for lunch. We had a big marquee on the deck. You’d have salad and ice cream and fruit. Everybody came together and we’d have sandwiches after everything was over. And we’d do the clothing ourselves too.

National Volunteer Week is a time to acknowledge the people of Australia who generously donate their time to help better the lives of others. Surf lifesavers are some of the most dedicated and outstanding volunteers who really do change communities and change lives. 

Thank you to all NSW volunteer surf lifesavers for your dedication, service and passion.

Volunteering Australia is inviting everyone to put their hand up and thank volunteers around Australia by waving a special smile of appreciation from home. Upload your wave photo to social media and share using the hashtags #NVW2020 and #waveforvolunteers.


Friday 22 May 2020