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A man in his 70s who was injured on rocks at Palm Beach pool this morning was lucky to have a highly trained surf lifesaver on the scene to administer first aid.

Nick Sampson, a 23-year old patrol captain at Avalon Beach SLSC is an electrician and was working on a construction site nearby when members of the public alerted him that a man had fallen off the path and onto rocks and was bleeding profusely from the head.

Nick and others from the construction site grabbed a first aid kit and along with bystanders, did what they could to stem the blood flow from the man’s head.

When paramedics arrived, Nick assisted them to administer oxygen, apply a neck brace and a defibrillator before the patient was loaded into the Ambulance. He was moved to North Palm Beach to a waiting helicopter for transport to hospital.

“He had a deep cut to the head, there was a lot of blood. Apparently he felt faint and stumbled across the path and fell off the edge onto the rocks,” said Nick.

This morning’s drama at Palm Beach shows just how valuable it is to have surf lifesavers, trained in first aid and CPR, out in the community and ready to use their skills and experience to help others.