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Large swell, strong winds and poor water quality have combined to cause extremely hazardous coastal conditions in NSW.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a hazardous surf warning with deceptively strong surf conditions and an emphasis on deteriorating water quality due to the current flood emergency.

Surf Life Saving NSW advises that the weather and flow-on impacts of storm and flood water on the coast is impacting beaches. People should avoid visiting beaches and coastal areas from Tuesday with conditions expected to ease on Thursday.

Surf Life Saving NSW President George Shales has emphasised the importance of not risking the safety of yourself and emergency services volunteers at this time.

“Coastal activities such as rock fishing, boating, surfing and swimming should be reconsidered during this weather event,” said George Shales. “Many beaches and coastal areas are flooded with fast-moving water and dangerous debris. Combined with strong winds the beach is not the place to be today.

“Please consider the safety of yourself and our emergency service volunteers who are already working around the clock and under immense pressure to assist with the floods right across the state. We all need to work together at the moment and that includes making safe, smart decisions.”

Over 70 surf lifesavers are currently volunteering to assist with flood evacuations and rescue in greater Sydney, as well as the north coast through to Hunter and the south coast. The teams are providing vital support to Fire and Rescue, NSW SES and Police with 33 rescue watercraft in use.

“In these times our lifesavers put their communities first,” said George Shales. “They have the skills and equipment ready to help and are showing once again how multi-faceted their training and capability can be.”

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Tuesday 23 March 2021