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Surf Life Saving NSW has teamed up with Madimack in the fight to prevent drownings by running our successful CPR course, Living Room Lifesaver with the Cronulla Sharks.

Tragically 248 people drowned in Australia in 2019/20. With many of those deaths being potentially preventable through bystander CPR, Madimack and Surf Life Saving NSW have jumped on an opportunity to reach and teach basic CPR to the wider community.

Sharks captain Wade Graham and his squad were among the first to benefit after club sponsor Madimack partnered with Surf Life Saving NSW to provide CPR training and compliant CPR Pool Charts to Madimack pool heating customers.

"Every Australian should learn CPR and this is a great initiative from Madimack," said Sharks’ prop Aaron Woods who along with wife Sarah witnessed a drowning.

"We all love our backyard pools and whether we are swimming at home or down the beach we owe it to our friends and families to be prepared to help when someone needs CPR."

Surf Life Saving NSW’s Dan Gaffney said getting people trained in CPR should be a priority for families and businesses.

“Knowing what to do in the vital first few minutes of an emergency can buy critical time and save a life. The Living Room Lifesaver is an online CPR program and training resources we developed in 2020 to give anyone access to quality CPR training in their homes,” said Dan Gaffney.

“If a family member or friend was unconscious in the pool or collapsed at home would you know what to do?” trainer Dan Gay asked the Sharks.

“Those first minutes really play a big role for people that have a cardiac issue or a drowning in a pool,” said Dan Gay. “Through our Living Room Lifesaver courses people have told us that they’re performing CPR on their loved ones – partners, parents and family members. It’s so important to know how to get started because doing something is always better than doing nothing.”

The roll-out of Madimack's pool safety initiative means customers will be provided with compliant CPR pool charts and Surf Life Saving NSW's Living Room Lifesaver course. It's a family-focussed, COVID-safe, online CPR and emergency response course delivered directly into the comfort of your home.

Madimack CEO Alex Welsh is determined to use the company's national distribution channels of Reece Group and Pool Systems along with their thousands of trade customers to deliver the safety program to Australian families.

"If this safety and education program helps to save just one life it will have served its purpose," said Madimack CEO Alex Welsh.

"Madimack and our trade partners are determined to help Australians get the training they need to be prepared for emergency situations."

Living Room Lifesavers CPR course includes;

  • Primary assessment and CPR on adults and infants

  • Key principles of providing basic emergency care

  • How to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

  • Latest guidelines on the impact of COVID-19 in performing CPR, including the use of pocket masks

Book online to do the Living Room Lifesaver course now.