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NSW’s only current competitive female surf boat sweep says other sports have a lot to learn from Surf Life Saving.

Rebecca Hamilton from South Maroubra SLSC is the proud owner of a hard-fought for and highly-sought after medal from the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships held in April on the Gold Coast.

The proud lifesaver could not speak highly enough of the amazing effort of her Reserve Women’s crew who scored a bronze medal in extremely challenging conditions. This result was on the back of their gold medal at the recent NSW Championships and capped off a stellar season for Beck personally, and her crew.

“It’s amazing to finally achieve it. To get through the rounds was an achievement in itself, so to walk away with something tangible like a medal is pretty incredible,” she said.

In addition to her volunteer role as a surf lifesaver and boat sweep, Beck is also spearheading the advancement of women and girls in sport more generally through her work as Head of Marketing and Experience at the GWS Giants AFL club.

The under-representation of women in sport is something Beck is passionate about and she was recently one of only 16 women to be selected by Sport Australia and the AIS for its inaugural Talent Program for female sport executives.

“We’re looking at how we can help the sport industry move forward with change. We want to make sure women are being looked after as well as getting to the same level as the men as quickly as possible.

“I spent a week at the AIS before coming here and it was amazing to be around such positive women in the lead up to the Aussie Champs,” she said.

She hopes the ground-breaking leadership program helps drive greater diversity in Australian sport.

“We’re on our way to getting women to the same level as men in sport. It’s amazing to see what the girls do here in Surf Life Saving and it’s a credit to the organisation because they were one of the first to embrace women’s participation at a professional level as well.

“Women’s surf boat rowing is on the up-and-up as well and that’s a credit to them for embracing it. We shouldn’t be here to be better than the blokes, we’re here to be equal, we’ve just got to build it.

“AFL numbers are at thirty-two percent for women now, let’s make it fifty-fifty just like Surf Life Saving. Other sports have a lot to learn from our movement and that’s why I’m a part of it now,” she said.

But while female participation rates in Surf Life Saving are high, Beck Hamilton is pretty much a loner when it comes to the tough job of steering around 500kgs of boat and rowers through the big waves and out to sea, then safely home again. And while she may not be as physically strong as some of her male counterparts, Beck says it’s mental toughness and skill that perhaps matters more.

“There were such good crews getting knocked out at Aussies so we just had to stay safe in the big surf.  As a sweep I was taught to sweep smart so I just said to the girls, we just have to row really smart this weekend and they’re some of the smartest rowers I know.

“It was a five person effort this weekend. You’ve got to have four girls around who can do what they do and back you, and I back them. They’re incredible ladies and I can’t speak highly enough of them,” she said.

If you were to look to an activity or sport that combined skill, fitness, teamwork and intelligence, Beck Hamilton says you couldn’t go past surfboat rowing.

“I think when I first started as a sweep I was all about the win and now I’m all about developing good people. We always joke in the boat that I don’t only teach you rowing skills, I teach you life lessons.

“Being in a surf boat crew teaches you respect and gives you comradery and skills that you can’t learn in a boardroom or classroom. I love it because some of the girls in my Under 23 girls crew, I’ve taught since they were 16 and now they’re doing things like lifting the boat on their own and making finals week-in-week-out and that’s what makes me really proud. That comes with hard work and determination.

“All the crews that have won medals at Aussies have worked very, very hard. It’s a great sport to be around and Surf Life Saving is a fantastic family to be part of,” she said.


Friday 12 April 2019