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Kaylah Broadhead of Nobbys SLSC and Calum Reiter of Coogee SLSC have been named the Ingenia Holiday Parks Junior Lifesavers of the Year after three days of team building and leadership development on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Formally recognised during a presentation ceremony on Thursday morning, 13 April, Kaylah and Calum were two in a group of 22 eager 14-year-olds who came from each of the 11 branches across NSW, having been acknowledged themselves as Junior Lifesavers of the Year for their region.

The pair have big goals to achieve from their platform, with both hoping to use the recognition as a springboard for fostering meaningful change within the movement.

Knowing well that they were privileged to be among a very worthy group, all of whom could have been named as winners, the pair were thrilled.

“It was very nerve-racking, but it was also chill, everyone here deserved it so much, but it was really nice to win,” Kaylah said.

“The biggest thing, and I said this in the interview, and I’ve always had it in my mind, I want to be able to advocate for youth within my club, branch and across the entirety of NSW and this program will help me to do that,” Calum added.

A reserved but abundantly personable patrolling member from the Hunter, Kaylah has been involved in the movement for the past five years and cites her desire to inspire the younger generation in the Surf Life Saving community as a factor in building her character and confidence.

Judges noted she places a strong value on education, seeing knowledge and understanding of lifesaving activities within the active patrolling member base and the public en masse as crucial to getting the movement’s core beliefs across.

“I want to work to create as much awareness as possible of the beach and particularly rips,” Kaylah said.

“So many people drown in rips and it’s really needless, so I hope to be able to see how we can help to build awareness around that issue.

“It’s been such a fun few days and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again in the future.”

Calum, meanwhile, has several years of club experience, having been involved in the Sydney Branch by extension through his parents from a young age who are both active within the Coogee club.

The panel noticed his desire to create tangible change as an asset at his age.

“Change has a lot of different aspects but in terms of youth I think there’s an opportunity for us to be treated with the same voice as everyone else, collaborating on committees and Boards with some of the more experienced people in the club, advocating our voice.”

At the end of the three-day team building and leadership development program, two participants are selected as the NSW Junior Lifesavers of the Year.

“There were lots of good activities, but I really enjoyed the ice bath, it’s such a unique experience and it really brought us all together,” Kaylah said.

“I’d have to agree but I think also just in our down time when we’d do team building activities were valuable,” Calum added.

“We got to really learn and understand where everybody comes from and what they do, and it was a big part of our development.”

Matt Young, General Manager of Tourism for Ingenia Holiday Parks, said being involved in a program now in its 33rd year gave them great pride.

“We operate holiday parks across the Eastern coast and it’s so important that we respect and value our guests,” he said.

“Working with Surf Life Saving NSW facilitates this. We really see this partnership and our support of the next generation of lifesavers as an investment in the future of our coastline.”


Zoe Hope – Far North Coast

Lachlan Thomas – Far North Coast

Ned O’Donnell – North Coast

Lillian Lougher – North Coast

Gabby Turner – Mid North Coast

Jack McGrath – Mid North Coast

Jack Drury – Lower North Coast

Lucy Miller – Lower North Coast

Kaylah Broadhead – Hunter

Gabe Widseth – Hunter

Rebecca Lawer – Central Coast

Samuel Terry – Central Coast

Chanelle Humel – Sydney Northern Beaches

Ewan Humphreys – Sydney Northern Beaches

Sophia Garvin – Sydney

Calum Reiter – Sydney

Darcy Weber – Illawarra

Nate Jennett – Illawarra

Isabelle Hourigan – South Coast

Cameron Campbell – South Coast

Luke Drewsen – Far South Coast

Rosie McPartland – Far South Coast

Thursday 13 April 2023