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A young rock fisherman was unable to be revived, and two of his friends are recovering in hospital after their group was swept off rocks in the state’s south on Sunday.

Emergency services were called to Little Beecroft Head, near Currarong, shortly before 10am after reports of a group of fishermen in distress in the water began to emerge.

It is understood that the fishers were all young men visiting the area from Western Sydney and that none of the group were wearing lifejackets at the time of the incident.

Water Police, Marine Rescue NSW, and Paramedics made their way to scene, as did the Kiama Jet Boat, while the Duty Officer from the local branch and lifesavers from Nowra Culburra were placed on standby if requested.

All of the group were pulled into Marine Rescue Craft, but unfortunately a 25-year-old was unresponsive when he was rescued.

CPR treatment was immediately commenced but despite the best efforts of all involved the man was unable to be revived.

SLSNSW CEO Steven Pearce said the incident reinforced the importance of lifejackets.

“Our sincere sympathies go out to the young man, his family, and friends at this very difficult time. The emergency services across all the responding agencies put in an enormous effort to try and save this young fisherman, but unfortunately were unable to do so.

“Any drowning is a tragedy but it is doubly sad when it has been proved time and time again that lifejackets are your best chance of survival when out rock fishing. It is a concern that these incidents continue to happen, and it’s why we won’t apologies for continuing to push these vital safety messages,” said Mr Pearce.

General Rock Fishing Safety Tips:

  • Check the weather, surf conditions and tides before going fishing

  • Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back

  • Always wear a lifejacket

  • Wear appropriate non-slip footwear and light clothing

  • Always fish with a friend

  • Check the warnings signs for information about the area

  • Never turn your back to the water

  • Do not try and retrieve anything that has fallen into the water

  • Do not jump in if someone falls into the water - wait for assistance or throw an ‘Angel Ring’ or Lifebuoy if there is one nearby • Additionally boaters are urged to always check conditions prior and to log on with their local Marine Rescue Base via radio or using the MarineRescue App. Visit more information

  • Call Triple Zero – Police to report an in-water emergency


Sunday 7 January 2017