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National Volunteer Week is a time to acknowledge the people of Australia who generously donate their time to help better the lives of others. Surf lifesavers are some of the most dedicated and outstanding volunteers who really do make the world of difference. 

"National Volunteer Week is a fantastic opportunity for us to recognise our volunteer surf lifesavers. There are so many who go above and beyond their rostered patrol hours that make our organisation well-respected and successful," said SLSNSW President George Shales.

"Our clubs play key roles within 129 communities in NSW not only keeping the public safe on the beaches, but also in education, sport and support operations. Without the time, dedication and passion of our volunteers, lives would be lost and communities would poorer. Thank you for all that you do for your club, no matter how big or small every bit counts."

To celebrate National Volunteer Week and to recognise the outstanding efforts of our volunteers, we profiled a series of members from NSW surf clubs.


Cheryl Mccarthy

Cheryl McCarthy: Big Things That Happen In A Small Branch

Cheryl McCarthy is an incredible member from the Far South Coast. We spoke to her as part of our Volunteer Week series to find out why she is a volunteer surf lifesaver in the most southern part of our state. 

Ben Matthews


Ben Matthews not only volunteers his time as a surf lifesaver but also with the State Emergency Service. We caught up with him for our last National Volunteer Week story. 

Gary Driscoll

Gary Driscoll: Building A True Reflection Of Diversity

Gary Driscoll is one of our most vibrant surf lifesavers and is creating amazing gateways for diversity in our organisation.

Jacinta Felsch-Crane

Jacinta Felsch-Crane: Safeguarding Our Future

Jacinta Felsch-Crane has been championing the Surf Life Saving Safeguarding Children and Young People program from her club, Ballina Lighthouse & Lismore SLSC.

Lachlan Field

Lachlan Field: The Most Rewarding Journey

What is the real significance of being a surf lifesaver? This is Lachlan Field's story as part of our National Volunteer Week series. 

Di Garder

Di Garder: Three Generations Of Women At Era SLSC

Di Garder travels 70km to patrol at Era SLSC with her daughters and granddaughters. Three generations of women volunteering together.

Friday 24 May 2019