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Members Portal

The Surf Life Saving Australia Members Portal currently contains a library information area. Some activities members can do here are download a circular, view job adverts, read local and national surf lifesaving news, apply for a service award, submit a news item plus much more. Assistance in the use of Members Portal can be found at or 1300 724 006. Any queries relating to your membership application or change of details should be made directly to the Club or support organisation.

Sporting Schools Feasibility Study

Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) is currently undertaking a feasibility study to determine the potential for partnership with the Australian Sports Commission Sporting Schools project. They have engaged the Aquatic Risk and Research Department from Life Saving Victoria (LSV) to conduct the feasibility study, and so Surf Life Saving NSW (SLSNSW) will be working with LSV to provide information about the current programs which are being delivered by State, Branches and Clubs to primary school students.

What is the Sporting Schools Project?

The Sporting Schools Project is a national program which brings Primary Schools and sports together to encourage participation in sport by over 850,000 Australian children. Sporting Schools aims to help children foster a lifelong interest in sport, gain a healthier mind and body, all while being active, engaged and having fun.

Funding is available to schools to link up with coaches locally and to deliver the sporting programmes developed by the partners of Sporting Schools – more than 30 of Australia’s leading National Sporting Organisations. When referring to coaches, in SLS terms this may be delivered through the state/territory centre, branches or clubs, and a coach may be a volunteer, casual instructor or paid staff.

Why is it important for SLSNSW Branches and Clubs to be a part of the study?

SLSNSW feel that being a part of this consultation is important for the Branches and Clubs in NSW so that if a partnership, and subsequent resourcing is developed, we can ensure we have demonstrated what our current delivery looks like, and what it is we actually need to continue to improve our service to this audience.

Secondly, while the program supports our goals to provide surf education to young people and thus contribute to safety on our beaches by beach-goers, the Sporting Schools program also has a lot of great potential for member engagement. SLS organisations are able to engage primary school students and foster their enthusiasm for Surf Life Saving through their involvement in the program – it is our hopes that these participants can then be encouraged to join their local Surf Life Saving Club as a member.

How can you as a SLSNSW Club Member take part in the feasibility study?

To assist us in starting this process we would greatly appreciate if Clubs could take the time to fill in the questionnaire below.

If you have any questions about the study please feel free to contact Calum Blyth on 02 9471 8034 or Alternatively you can find more information about the Sporting Schools project here:

Please complete the Sport in School Feasibility Study below...